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Polished Brass Stair Rods

There’s nothing quite like a set of polished brass stair rods to add a touch of opulence and splendour to a staircase. The warm, metallic glow of brass adds a welcoming aesthetic to the space, while the high shine of the polished finish makes your rods and your stair runners stand out even more impressively. Our polished brass stair rods can be paired up with practically any colour of carpet, but look especially impressive next to cream, red and black shades. 

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Choose Your Style

Our collection of polished brass stair rods features a variety of designs and styles to choose from, including classic smooth, rounded rods, flat rods and hexagonal rods. You will also find designs with a range of different finial styles to explore, giving you plenty of scope for creating a staircase with as much grandeur and grace as you desire. Choose from our collections of hollow rods and solid rods in our elegant polished brass finish to suit your budget, or explore our wider collection of classic brass stair rods for a look with a little less shine.

Polished Brass Stair Rods in Any Length

Once you’ve chosen your favourite design, you can order your new polished brass stair rods in absolutely any length, ensuring you get the perfect fit for your unique staircase. With lengths available up to an impressive 1.4 metres, there’s no staircase too wide for our collection of stair rods.