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Purple stair runners can create a variety of effects depending on the shade you choose. Deeper purples are proud and regal, while the lighter shades are soft and sweet. Whichever look youre going for, our collection of purple stair runners can help you achieve it. With a range of exciting patterns and colour combinations to choose from, you can find your favourite purple runner and get it cut to the exact length you need for your staircase. Discover the entire range of stair runners at Carpet Runners which can be filtered by colour, size and pattern today.

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A purple stair runner can transform any plain stairway into a colourful, welcoming transitional space in an instant. Depending on the shade and style you choose, you can achieve a variety of different interior themes and aesthetics, and our latest range features stair runners in a wide spectrum of purple hues to choose from. Deep, dark purple shades can create a proud, rich and regal aesthetic, perfect for bold interiors, while our selection of pale purple stair runners can create a soft, sweet appearance for airy, delicately-decorated spaces.