Christmas is just around the corner; the days are getting colder, and shorter, and (hopefully) your home is getting a little cozier! Why not make your home warmer this winter with a nice new hallway runner?  Cozy carpet runners in all colors!  We stock carpet runners in almost every color, but if you’re feeling festive already, why not try red, green, or a bit of both? To inject some understated festivity into your home, why not try our plain red “Aztec” runner? For something a bit more out there, our “Persian” or... Read More


3 Ways to Get Dents out of Carpet [Using everyday household items]

Fancy a little rearrangement of furniture? Ahh, but wait…is that a furniture dent? Halt the proceedings! Yes, dents in the carpet are a pain and never seem to go away – but don’t fear, here at RunRug® we have all the tricks of the trade to help remove those dents and get your carpet back to its brand spanking new self.  What’s more, these hacks are super easy and use nothing but general household staples to save you some time and a few dollars!  So, how do you remove carpet... Read More



The Dulux Color of the Year for 2020 has been announced at last. Tranquil Dawn, a deeply soothing, cool-toned green, has been picked by the color trend experts at Dulux to act as a much-needed antidote to what they describe as an ‘increasingly disconnected’ society. It sounds gloomy but it’s not – bear with us! Intended to embody the nation’s mood and outlook as we approach a brand new decade, Tranquil Dawn provides quite a contrast to the Dulux Colour of the Year 2019, ‘Spiced Honey’, providing a haven of tranquility... Read More

how to layer rugs 10/09/2019

How to Layer Rugs Like a Pro [6 Essential Tips]

Did you know you can layer rugs? It’s a lesser-known but oh-so-stylish interior trend that can transform your floor space; all it takes is a little know-how and a few of your favorite rugs or rug runners. Not sure how to go about it? No worries. We’re here to teach you how to layer area rugs and runners like a pro. Just follow our lead with these 6 key tips from the RunRug experts: Let the room guide you Worried it might look too much? This will depend on the... Read More

how to lay stair underlay and grippers 25/07/2019

How To Lay Stair Underlay & Grippers

Need to learn how to lay stair underlay and grippers? If you’re planning on fitting a new stair carpet runner, you will first need to lay some good quality grippers and underlay. This will help protect your carpet against mold, moisture and heat, while providing comfortable cushioning underfoot.  So let’s get started. Here is our easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to lay underlay for a stair carpet.  You Will Need: Gripper rods (enough for the number of steps you are carpeting) Underlay Your stair runner (for measuring reference)... Read More

how to get mud out of carpet 25/07/2019

How to Get Mud out of Carpet: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

With little ones running around on wet grass and dogs bounding across muddy fields, a mud stain or two will eventually end up on your carpet. Fortunately, our carpet care experts know a thing or two about how to get mud out of carpet, so follow our handy guide to keep your carpet looking fresh and clean. As always, be sure to check any cleaning or care guides that may have come with your carpet or runner rug before starting treatment, as some carpet fibers can react adversely to certain... Read More

decorating with copper 24/07/2019

Get the Glow: 5 Ways to Nail the Copper Home Decor Trend

Copper feel of the most popular metallics decor trend ever to grace our homes. Copper home decor fills our rooms with a warm glow that you simply can’t beat, and its lengthy reign at the top of the metallics trend charts is a testament to its timeless aesthetic.  If you want to achieve optimum copper room decor greatness but need a solid starting point, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you the five quickest ways to incorporate copper home decor with minimal fuss and maximum cosy glow. Let’s... Read More

how to get wax out of carpet 23/07/2019

How to Get Wax Out of a Carpet: 5 Easy Steps

There’s only one thing worse than spilling red wine on the carpet; spilling hot wax on it. Wax has an infuriating habit of immediately solidifying and latching itself on to whatever surface it lands on, and when that surface is a textile like carpet it seems damn near impossible to remove. But all is not lost. If that romantic candle has indeed betrayed you and covered your carpet in a stubborn waxy mess, there actually is a way to get rid of it. All you need is a few everyday... Read More

how to measure a staircase for a stair runner 21/07/2019

How to Measure for a Stair Runner

Do you know how to measure your stairs for carpet stair runners? It’s easier than you might think, even on winding staircases. In this easy-to-follow guide, we’ll show you how to measure your stairs for carpet stair runners to ensure the perfect fit and a professional finish. We’ll cover which areas you need to measure to get the correct length and width for your stairs, whether they’re straight or winding. How to Measure Straight Stairs for Carpet Stair Runners As you can imagine, this type of staircase is the most... Read More

how to get makeup out of carpet 20/07/2019

How to Get Makeup out of Carpet: The Ultimate Guide

Makeup has a curious habit of finding its way onto our carpets, doesn’t it? No matter how careful you are, there’s always a smudge, smear or smattering of something on the floor after you’ve finished with it. But never fear, it can all be removed with a few simple store cupboard ingredients and easy processes. Here’s our ultimate guide to get makeup out of carpet, including all the biggest offenders like foundation, mascara, lipstick and eyeshadow. A note before we begin: Remember to always check your carpet care instructions as... Read More