6 Reasons You Need a Runner

Okay, we admit it. We are huge fans of rug runners… You caught us! But we’re not selfish, we don’t want to keep the huge benefits of rug runners to ourselves, we want to share them with you! The below blog post is a short list of 6 reasons you need a runner in your life.

They look fantastic

First and foremost, runners simply look fantastic. With seemingly endless designs available, you can inject your very own personality into notoriously hard-to-decorate areas; your entrance hall and staircase. At Runrug, we have 250+ designs available for Stairs and 350+ for your Hallway!

Keep the noise down!

Not only will a good-quality runner reduce the noise of footsteps on your hard floor, but it can also actually help absorb some of the general household noise bouncing around your house, creating a cozier feel.

Protect your floors

Your flooring puts up with a lot of abuse. Heavy foot traffic, questionable footwear, dropping heavy items; you name it – Your floor takes it! Adding a runner can help prevent everyday chips, scrapes, and scuffs, putting another layer between you and your beautiful wooden floor.

Comfort & coziness

Whilst functionality is great, sometimes we just want to feel cozy – and a runner can achieve just that. Whether it’s cushioning your exposed hardwood stairs, adding a layer of warmth between your feet and the cold kitchen floor, or simply a matter of aesthetics, runners are a big tick for comfort and coziness!

Adds a finishing touch

We’ve all got a room that’s just ‘missing something, and never quite feels complete… Have you considered that the missing thing may just be a runner? Runners do a great job of connecting spaces, and filling the awkward, empty space between A and B – whilst adding a beautiful visual appeal.  

Take your runner with you!

Don’t forget, you can simply roll up your carpet runner and move it to a different location. At Runrug we cut your runner to your exact size, so you might find moving to a different room the size might not fit, but it’s worth remembering that this is an option! 

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