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Free CA Shipping & Free Returns

We offer a free, fast shipping service and a free, easy returns service on all our products. Should you want to return a product to us for any reason, it couldn't be easier!

At runrug®, we want to remove all of the stress from buying online and our 11,500+ positive reviews prove we do that!

All you need to do to return a product is contact our team to let us know you want to return the product and we shall take care of everything else to ensure that your return is as stress free as possible.

As soon as we receive the item back to our CA depot, we will immediately refund you. We don't need to know your reasons for returning it. We just want you to be happy with the product you purchase from us, and if you are not, we want you to send it back.

All of our products at runrug® come with a free, fast shipping service. You will not be waiting any more than a few days for your product (unless stated otherwise).

If you need any help at all or want to returns a product, please contact us!

Please note: 1 ft, 2 ft & 3 ft hall/stair runners and singular stair rod orders are not included within our free returns policy. You will need to return the 1 ft, 2 ft & 3 ft hall/stair runners and/or singular stair rods back to us at your own expense in orders to get a refund.