Why Colour Is Everything When Buying Stair Runners

Alright, so that above title may not be entirely true… we’re not denying that things like width and style matter a lot when you’re in the market for stair runners. But let’s leave all of that to one side for a moment. Why does the right colour of stair runner matter so much?

Setting the ambience

First of all, just think of all of the great things that the right colours do for your home… and by extension, your life. They’re absolutely decisive in setting a certain ambience. Just think about how certain pale colours subconsciously help to put you in a relaxed mood whenever you’re in your bedroom or living room, or for that matter, how vibrant yellows and pinks add life to parts of the house of greater activity, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Your stairs play a key role in connecting many of these important areas of your home, and with many bare stairs being relatively plain or neutral to look at, the right colour of stair runner can make a massive difference. It’s worth remembering that from certain angles within your property, both your stairs and surrounding areas – such as the hallway or the entrance to the bathroom – will be visible, so you might want to consider how the different colours throughout your home can be skilfully coordinated.

What do colours mean to you?

That word – ‘coordination’ – is an important one when you’re considering the right colour of stair runner. Your stair runners and, for example, your carpets don’t necessarily need to exactly match, with the overall harmony throughout the different areas being more important. However, it’s still a good idea to read up on the colours that do and don’t complement each other, in addition to considering what certain colours mean to you.

Don’t take the selection of the colours of your stair runners too seriously, but at the same time, don’t proceed with reckless abandon, either. After all, coming up with the right overall colour scheme in your home is a big part of the fun!

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