Why buy anti-slip underlay?

Anti-slip underlay is a must-have when it comes to carpet runners.  We have a range of anti-slip products for sale, the underlay being just one of them!

The benefits

An obvious benefit of anti-slip underlay is safety. It’s no good having a stunning carpet runner in your home if you threaten to slip each time you walk on it. The underlay prevents the carpet from shifting against the original flooring, stopping any slips from happening. As well as preventing injuries, this also eliminates the need to adjust the runner frequently.

The underlay is suitable for use, and effective, on all kinds of flooring. Be it carpet, wood, laminate or otherwise. No extra adhesive is needed, just apply the underlay to your rug, apply pressure, and you’re good to go. The grip doesn’t wear off, and if you choose to move or remove your carpet runner, no residue will be left.

We have a choice of 3 underlay options; the right one for you will depend on the size of your carpet. One is 100cm wide, one is 60cm wide, and the last is pre-cut to the right size for you.  If you can’t see the correct size for you, contact us on 0808 169 2787.

Seeing as the hallway, where you’re most likely to have a carpet runner, is the most high traffic area of the home; it’s essential that your safety is guaranteed whilst having one of our runners in your home.

With 80 years of carpet industry experience between our staff, runrug.com are one of the leading carpet retailers in the UK. Although we don’t stock our full range of products online, it’s available to view in our Lincolnshire showroom.

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