Why bother with carpet or stair runners anyway?

The strips or rugs of carpet that we like to call carpet or stair runners have become a real mainstay of the British home, to the point that so many customers would feel their houses were naked without them. But what if you’re yet to be convinced? Couldn’t you do without a carpet runner, or perhaps have a fully-fixed carpet instead?

Well, in theory, you could, but benefits like the below make carpet runners a ‘no brainer’ purchase for many of us!


Flooring and stairs completely lacking any carpet can be uneven and slippery, potentially causing accidents around the home. A carpet runner provides better grip for walking feet, its softness meaning that any bumps in the floor are not as pronounced. These characteristics help to ensure the utmost safety for all members of your family.


A child, pet or other member of your household running across an uncarpeted floor can be pretty noisy. The cushioning effects of a carpet or stair runner can significantly reduce that noise.


Fully fixed carpets are easily beaten in the user-friendliness stakes by carpet and stair runners. Whereas cleaning the former can be difficult and replacing it costly, you’ll find it easy and quick to clean a carpet runner in the (inevitable) event of spillages or mud being dragged into the house. If the carpet runner is damaged or worn out, you can just buy a new one and plonk it down without too much of a thought.


And the final, far from minor point… carpet and stair runners are just so darned stylish! You’ve got so much choice with regard to the colour, pattern or texture of your next stair runner. So if you fancy giving your home a new look for the season or just want to give your tired-looking floors or stairs a bit of a boost, you can simply buy a new carpet or stair runner.

What more reasons could you need to invest in that new carpet or stair runner today?

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