Where should Carpet Runners be placed? 

Carpet runners are as beautiful as they are practical. We may be biased, but at runrug.com, we’re huge fans of how easily and cost-efficiently you can transform a seemingly dull place in your home with an interesting runner and a small cost, whilst also protecting the flooring underneath (and adding a cosy feel underfoot!).

Due to their narrow design, carpet runners can be placed practically anywhere in your home – though today we want to focus on just 4 primary locations: Hallway RunnersStair RunnersKitchen Runners and Outdoor Runners.

Hallway Runners

Your entranceway is the perfect place for a hallway runner. As the first place your guests see when they enter your home, you’re given the perfect opportunity to impress and make a dramatic statement.

Whether breaking up the space between the door and stairs in a grand, luxurious entrance or cosying up the passage to the kitchen, there is a runner for you!

Stair Runners

Stair runners. The big one! When we think luxury, we think of stair runners; with hardwood stairs peeking out on either side, a nice, soft complementary runner, and crisp stair rods holding it down to complete the ensemble.

Stair runners are great for drawing attention to your stairs and adding texture and the appearance of a longer staircase; making your home appear larger in the process.

There are a wealth of reasons to choose a stair runner over carpeted stairs (and even more for a stair runner over exposed wood!), but the one we’ll leave you with, is achieving a look of elegance that carpet may struggle to achieve.  


Kitchen Runners

Potentially the most unexpected appearance on this list is kitchen runners. Though not as common as hallway and stair runners, kitchen runners are extremely functional and can add warmth, character and a rustic feel to your kitchen.

The design of many kitchen runners helps disguise any stains that may occur, whilst also soaking up any water spillages over a laminate floor for example, which may be damaged with sustained exposure to water.

A bonus point to kitchen runners, for being an extra layer between your feet and notoriously cold kitchen floors, ringing true to our slogan of cooking with a side of comfort.


Outdoor Runners

Last but certainly not least, we come to outdoor runners. We introduced outdoor runners this year, and we wish we had sooner! It’s no secret that remodelling your garden is a huge expense, and something so simple as introducing an outdoor rug can breathe new life into your tired decking, patio or barbeque area.

On the other hand, an outdoor runner can act as a barrier of defence between you and your brand-new garden, keeping it in pristine condition whilst acting as a focal point, instilling comfort and style in a durable, hardwearing package.


So, there you have it! If you have been interested in adding a carpet runner to your home but were unsure where to start, we hope you find inspiration in our list of the top 4 placement locations for a runner.

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