What’s the point of a wedding runner?

Are you looking to tie the knot over the next year, or are you helping out a friend or relative who is? If so, you’ll probably know all about the stresses associated with preparing for the big day. Just think about it: you need to book or arrange stuff like the venue, wedding car, bridal dress, the groom’s outfit, maybe hotel rooms for your guests, a speciality caterer, a wedding photographer, and a videographer…

When you’re charged with organising all of this stuff, it’s easy to forget about something as seemingly trivial as the darned wedding runner. But of course, such a thing isn’t trivial at all – it actually adds hugely to the sense of occasion of the whole event. Wedding runners – or aisle runners, as they’re otherwise called – have origins that are far from purely practical. In history, they have largely been sentimental, a sign of the bride being treated like ‘royalty’ on her special day.

Style and practicality

In all fairness, it’s hard to deny just how visually pleasing aisle runners are. You can get them in the traditional white that will really stun all observers, or you might want to choose one in another colour to complement your wedding dress or give off a certain other mood. It’s all up to you, with our own wedding runners here at runrug.com also boasting remarkable durability – just as well, given all of that foot traffic that it is sure to get.

As a matter of fact, there are also some very practical reasons to buy a wedding runner, at least these days. If your wedding dress has a train, for example, just imagine how much of the dirt and mud, as brought by other guests into the venue, it could pick up if you didn’t have a nice, clean aisle runner laid down for your big entrance.

Recent customer: Glenn Hoddle!

Don’t allow one of the most special moments of your – or your friend, family member or colleague’s – life to be ruined by something so easily avoidable. Be like one of our most recent customers, the ex-England manager Glen Hoddle, who bought a wedding runner from us for his daughter’s wedding. Add that aisle runner to your own list of wedding ‘must gets’!

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