Wedding Runners Guide: Everything you need to know

Whether you are searching for a wedding runner to add to your dream wedding venue or you want to offer couples a variety of runner styles to walk down as a host venue – we have just what you are searching for at 

But what else must you consider when purchasing and setting a wedding runner? We have that covered for you also. 

You want your big day to be special, and that includes every second from getting ready in the morning to taking your first steps down the aisle. The setting and decor of your wedding is something that you will have thought about countless times, and your search history will consist of a range of wedding table decorations and flower arrangements. 

One area of wedding decoration that often goes unnoticed is the wedding runner that is placed on the aisle of your wedding venue. At, we have a wide variety of styles for you to choose from, including classic single colour wedding aisle runners to more intricately detailed designs. 

Eliza Glitter Bianco Wedding Aisle Runner

How long should a wedding aisle runner be? 

When deciding on the length of your wedding aisle runner, you need to consider the length of the aisle or walkway that the bride and groom will walk down. Once you have this measurement, it is worth adding an extra 3-5 meters to cater to the ceremonial area. This will ensure that you create a chic transitional look as heads turn and watch you walk down the aisle and towards the ceremonial space. 

What colour wedding aisle runner should I choose?

This depends entirely on you and your personal preferences, but at, we have a range of designs that will suit a varied selection of aesthetics. 

Simple wedding aisle runners 

If you want a simple aesthetic, then we recommend that you opt for a singular block colour wedding runner. Within our range, we have plain wedding aisle runners in black, white, cream and shades of red. All of these are designed to complement and elevate your dress as you walk down the aisle without being a distraction for guests. 

Eliza Glitter Rosso Wedding Aisle Runner

Traditionally styled aisle runners 

For wedding parties that want a traditional aesthetic for their big day, we have a range of traditional wedding aisle runners that you can incorporate into your ceremony. These traditional wedding aisle runners will help you to create a majestic feel for your venue that will elevate your experience even further. Within the selection of traditionally styled wedding runners, you will find warm colours such as red, beige and cream. 

Bidjar Beige Wedding Aisle Runner

Heart wedding aisle runners

Make sure that you stay in the spirit of love with the range of heart wedding aisle runners available at Within the range, you will find runners that carry the theme of the day and are great ways to decorate your venue if you are searching for a glitzy option. 

Heart Glitter White Wedding Aisle Runner

Who pulls the aisle runner at a wedding? 

There are a lot of different roles and responsibilities at a wedding and it can be stressful to try and keep the process running smoothly and in order. One question that may have crossed your mind is: who is responsible for pulling the aisle runner at my wedding. 

It is the responsibility of the usher to roll out the aisle runner at a wedding from the back of the church to the front. 

When should a wedding aisle runner be rolled out?

A wedding aisle runner should be rolled out before the wedding party starts to enter. Make sure that the usher has time set aside to prepare for this in their schedule. You will find that many wedding venues will roll out the aisle runner for you before you arrive at the venue. 

Some brides like to have the aisle runner rolled out just before they walk down the aisle. If this is the case, then the usher should be prepared and ready to do so upon her arrival. 

Who can walk on a wedding aisle runner?

In tradition, the bridal party is permitted to walk on a wedding aisle runner to get from the back of the church to the front. Other people who can walk down the aisle during a wedding include: 

  • Bride 
  • Groom 
  • Flower girls 
  • Ring bearer
  • Bridesmaids
  • Groomsmen 
  • Father of the bride 
  • Mother of the bride 

It is personal preference for the bride and groom who they want to walk down the aisle. Whether that includes guests, pooches or children is entirely up to them. 

Can you use a wedding aisle runner outdoors?

Many outdoor wedding venues like to use plastic runners as an affordable option, but they can often become bunched or torn throughout the day. This can sometimes ruin wedding photos and cause a lot of stress. 

Many wedding parties opt for a carpet wedding runner to lay over the grass or other smooth terrain on the big day. These are sturdier than plastic runners and are more durable for wedding heeled shoes. 

How many rose petals for a wedding aisle? 

Covering your wedding aisle with rose petals can be an aesthetic gesture that looks great and is a finishing touch to the ceremony. But how many packets do you need? For equal coverage across the aisle, you will want to scatter a cup of rose petals every 2 metres. 

What to do with a wedding aisle runner at the end of a ceremony

At the end of a wedding ceremony, the entire wedding party will usually walk down the aisle to exit the venue. If you want to keep your wedding runner and want to limit the number of people walking on it, then you should let the usher know, and they will be able to roll the runner back up at the end of the ceremony. Make this known before the ceremony so that it can be added to the wedding programme and time can be set aside for the runner to be rolled at the end of the ceremony.

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