Using Stair Rods for a Period Look

The design of period homes were such that the staircase and entrance hall were the first to be seen when guests entered the house. As such, staircases and the foot of the stairs were highly decorated and used to create a strong impression upon visitors to the house. The staircase reflected the affluence and status of the occupants and were often commented upon as being grand entrance ways to an even grander home.

If your home is designed with a period aesthetic in mind, you could really benefit from upstyling your staircase to maximise the effects and benefits of the style. Using stair rods and choosing from traditional designs of carpet runners and rugs will drastically improve the first impressions of your home and set the period tone of the rest of the house.

Stair Rods

When choosing stair rods to create a period effect, the style and the colour of the rods are an important consideration. You should be choosing contrasting rods that stand out against your chosen carpet runner. Brass stair rods are often the most contrasting stair rods available, standing out against most traditionally patterned carpet runners without clashing. Both our Easyrod and Homepride ranges of stair rods come in simplistic acorn finial styles that suit the traditional period design you’re aiming for.

Stair Rods

Carpet Runners

Often, the traditional style of period carpet runners is very heavily patterned and as such can be quite cluttering if used as a fully fitted carpet. By choosing a period carpet runner you are making a break in the design that will suit the modern home that has adopted the period style. A period carpet runner should be the statement piece of your entranceway, drawing the eye for that all important first impression. Choose from our selection of Traditional carpet runners to find the perfect colour and pattern for your period home and remember to choose a contrasting (yet matching) set of stair rods.

Period Stair Runner


Period homes are often constructed from wooden floors with heavily patterned carpets and rugs. While the staircase should be the centrepiece of your hallway that draws the visitor’s attention, you can add additional decoration by placing a rug near the foot of the stairs. With plenty of traditionally designed rugs to choose from, you will be able to find a carpet that matches or complements the carpet runner on your staircase for a true period decor effect.

Lancaster Red Rug

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