Transform Your Hallway With A Carpet Runner

When you open your front door, what is the first thing you see? For most, it’s the hallway. Often neglected as ‘transitional spaces’ in the home, hallways and entryways do in fact have the potential to be beautiful, welcoming spaces – the true source of that unbeatable feeling of being home at last. All you need is a few decorative touches, and that’s where the hallway runner comes in.

The Benefits of Hallway Runners

We believe the simplest of hallway decoration ideas are often the most effective, and hallway runners are the quickest way of transforming your entry spaces into inviting, comfortable environments. Here’s why you should have a hallway runner:

Colour and Texture

Hallways can be drab affairs if left undecorated; the sort of space you hurry through and shut the door on. To us, this is a travesty. All you need is a hallway runner to add an instant pop of colour and much-needed texture to this traditionally plain space. Bold geometric patterns or striking stripes add a sense of the contemporary, while rich and traditional Persian designs introduce opulence and elegance. Or, if you’re not a fan of patterns, an understated neutral runner can be just as effective in creating a smart, stylish hallway, particularly when paired with wood flooring.

Warmth and Comfort

Hallways with wood or tile flooring can feel chilly and uninviting, especially during the dark winter months. The addition of a hallway runner removes that chill both physically and visually, particularly if you choose ‘warm’ colours such as red, brown or yellow. And a soft, thick hallway runner creates a warm and comfortable walkway that your feet will thank you for at the end of a long day.

Floor Protection

From the aesthetically pleasing to the perfectly practical, hallway runners are the ideal way to protect your lovely flooring from damage. Hallways are, after all, one of the most high-traffic areas in any home, leaving them vulnerable to scratching, scraping and scuffing. But with a nice, long hallway runner to protect it, your flooring will stay in tip top condition while you enjoy the aesthetic benefits of the runner itself.

Noise Reduction & Safety

Sticking with the practicality theme for now, a good hallway runner has benefits for your own safety as well as for the protection of the floor itself. Wooden, laminate and tiled hallway floors have a tendency to get rather slippy, particularly if highly polished or wet. But simply adding a good quality, durable hallway runner with a non-slip backing will prevent slips and falls no matter what surface you place them on.

What’s more, a hallway runner will help minimise the amount of noise traditionally generated by footsteps on hard flooring. As we’ve already mentioned, hallways are commonly high-traffic areas and can also be echoey if not properly furnished, so the addition of a hallway runner will dampen these sounds and vibrations in busy households.

Space Utilisation

Narrow rooms like hallways often have limited floor space, which means you have few options when it comes to adding decorative elements. This is where hallway runners become the ideal hallway decorating solutions, as they add that touch of colour and intrigue without encroaching on the limited space. The right runner can also have brightening, lengthening and widening effects on narrow, small spaces, giving the illusion of more space.


Find it hard to make interior decor decisions? Like a change every now and again? The beauty of hallway runners and area rugs is that they are easily movable and interchangeable. If you decide to change your hallway colour scheme, you can change the runner to match. If you want to temporarily change your decor theme to something more festive over the Christmas period, you can. Hallway runners are the ultimate non-committal home decoration tool that can make a huge difference to even the narrowest of spaces, so take advantage.

On the hunt for a hallway runner to transform your hallway? You’ll find them in all colours, patterns and materials in our latest hallway carpet runners collection.

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