Traditional carpets can give your home more historical beauty

Thanks to heritage organisations like English Heritage and the National Trust, it is easy for many of us to visit beautiful buildings from several decades or even centuries ago. And, when we do visit these structures, we are often wowed by their interiors and think “wouldn’t it be amazing to live in a building like this?” Well, through careful use of carpets from, you – at least, almost – can.

Think and choose carefully for a classier-looking home

The widespread popularity of period dramas like Downton Abbey has led many people to better appreciate this country’s impressive heritage. It has also led many people to seek to model their homes on residences that they see in these sumptuous dramas. Of course, this is easier for homes that were genuinely built in a different historical era – but even modern homes can be made, with some careful thinking, to look closer to something from a Jane Austen novel. stocks a range of traditional carpet runners and rugs that you can choose from to decorate your hallway, stairs, landing… any rooms of the house, really. Meticulously compare different parts of your house to different flooring products on our site and you can add a classier look to your home without anything visually jarring. However, you should also consider our plain carpets, as their look is genuinely timeless and so they are naturally less likely to esthetically clash with whatever traditional décor is already in your humble abode.

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