Tips for making striped carpet runners look good in your home

Take even a cursory glance at the range of carpet runners stocked by and you should see just how diverse they are in design, not just colour. You are, then, unlikely to be too surprised to realise that a huge section of our carpet runners come with stripes – but you need to be careful when considering which of these runners to buy and where and how you should lay them in your home.

You can make your home look both retro and modern

You might want your home to exhibit a look that is distinctively retro – but, we should emphasise, not dated. It is a tricky balance to pull off, but you can manage it more easily thanks to striped carpet runners. Lay striped carpeting alongside pale walls and an otherwise minimalist-looking room and you could be pleasantly surprised by the resulting overall look.

A stairway that looks like heaven

When seeking a carpet runner for stairs, make sure that the runner’s stripes will run down the stairs, not across them. You won’t actually have to remember this should you only buy the carpet runner from, as all of the stair runners we offer have the stripes running in this direction anyway. Of course, we are very knowledgeable about what looks good in a home, so we choose to stock strictly carpet runners that can look good in a home. Simple!

Our earlier recommendation of a minimalist look elsewhere is also applicable when you want to use a striped carpet runner on your stairway. Though we are largely happy to leave you to decide the staircase’s colour scheme for yourself, we would recommend that you keep any walls along the stairway pale in colour. This kind of colour will complement the striped runner.

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