The Importance of Underlay

When choosing the perfect carpet runner for your home, it’s also important to consider the underlay. While it’s easy to get caught up in the quality and look of the carpet alone, underlay brings many benefits to your carpet which will enhance your carpet runner experience.

Underlay can…

Improve the underfoot feel of the carpet

Walking on a carpet that doesn’t have underlay can be taxing on your feet and even your posture, whereas carpets with underlay benefit from the plumpness of the underlay and the soft fibres of the carpet to produce a light, more spongy feet under foot that you’ll enjoy much more.

Reduce noise in the room

Perfect for busy families that seek the quiet and comfort of their own space, undisturbed from the loud sounds of music, chatter and television noise from another room in the house. Underlay provides a noise barrier that dampens these sounds so you’re not overwhelmed.

Provide better insulation

While a carpet can certainly insulate your home, adding underlay will increase this insulative property tenfold. Underlay keeps the heat in and the cold out, so particularly in the colder seasons it can be an important contributing factor in keeping your house warm and your heating bills as low as possible!

Prolong the lifespan of the carpet

The lifespan of the carpet is important both for the appearance of your house but also the contents of your wallet. Good quality carpets can be expensive, especially if you have a particular style and pattern in mind, so when you purchase a carpet runner you want to be sure of its longevity. Adding underlay to the bottom of your carpet prolongs the lifespan of the carpet, as it acts as a barrier between the carpet rubbing directly onto hard flooring and wearing through.

Carpet with Underlay

There are many different types of underlay to choose from, but here at we rely on the newest and most innovative underlay solutions to make sure you’re getting the most out of your new carpets. Our stair carpet grippers and underlay package come with Polyurethane Foam (also known as PU Foam) underlay. This underlay is a relatively new introduction to the underlay market and as such incorporates all of the best elements of other successful underlay types. PU Foam is not only highly comfortable under foot, but made from recycled and recyclable materials (foam cutoffs) making it a very green and environmentally conscious underlay product.

For tips on how to fit underlay and grippers, see our quick how-to guide.

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