The Greatest Grey Areas: How To Decorate With Your Grey Carpet

Forget beige and cream; grey is the new neutral.

The great news is that grey carpet and grey rugs go with just about anything, so it’s one of the most versatile and easy carpet colours to work with. So if you’ve moved into a new home and inherited grey carpets, or if you’re thinking of laying new grey carpet, you can create some truly fantastic colour schemes in both modern and traditional styles.

So which colours work with grey colour schemes? We’ve got lots of ideas and tips to help you create your perfect room colour palette, and you might be surprised just how bright and warm grey tones can be.

Decorating with Grey: Colour Palettes

Grey on Grey

Mixing shades of grey adds real depth and dramatic character to a room. If you have a light grey carpet, try adding darker grey bedding, furniture or accent cushions and vice versa with a dark grey carpet. You can warm up larger rooms with blue-gray shades, or lighten up smaller rooms with cooler greys that will maximise your space. You could also try adding pops of black and white here and there for extra character; artwork, ornaments and rugs are great for this sort of thing.

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Neutrals on Grey

Layering grey shades with creams, pale greens, browns and other neutrals is a great way to create smooth, easy-on-the-eye palettes in your living spaces. If you’re mixing neutrals like this, make sure you keep your tones at similar weights – so if you have a light grey carpet or rug, like in the picture below, keep to lighter creams, off-whites and browns to keep the flow going, though don’t be afraid to add a few warmer, medium weight accessories to add contrast here and there.

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Yellow and Green on Grey

Sunshine and mustard yellows were made to sit next to grey shades. They work beautifully together and create wonderfully bright, modern aesthetics for your home. Try matching dark grey carpets with lighter grey furniture and yellow cushions and accessories, or go extra bold with statement yellow armchairs chairs and rugs.

Green shades also work perfectly with grey, and can help you achieve either really traditional or really contemporary aesthetics depending on the shade of green you go for. Lighter, vivid greens add brightness and statement features for super modern interiors, whereas darker greens and neutral olive greens help bring a soothing, traditional feel, especially when paired with white or oak woodwork.

Pink on Grey

You can pretty up your grey rooms by adding a splash of pink to the mix. Pretty much all pinks – from pale, dusky pinks right through to fuchsia and even purple  – work perfectly with both gentler grey shades. This colour combination is perfect for achieving more contemporary schemes, and there are lots of ways to introduce the colour to your rooms. Starting with a pale grey carpet, try adding slightly darker grey furniture or bed linen and layer up accessories like floor length curtains (with pink patterns or accents), cushions, candles or wall art. You can also play around with varying pink shades in one room to add extra depth and flow to the scheme.

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Blue on Grey

Greys and blues sit beautifully next to one another and can work together to create both cool and warm colour palettes. Pairing pale grey carpets with deep, rich blues as in the example above creates a surprisingly warm and inviting space while retaining the characteristic calming effect of the colour blue. Paler shades of blue with grey can also be used together to create elegant rustic and nautical themed rooms.

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All of these effects can be achieved with a beautiful grey carpet, rug or carpet runner as a base to work from. Or you can simply use a grey hallway runner all on its own to give an empty hallway space an elegant, understated lift.

Visit our collection of grey carpet runners to add this versatile neutral shade to your living spaces.

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