The 3 Biggest Autumn Home Decor Trends for 2018

The season has turned and so have the trends. If you’ve been thinking it’s time for a change, the latest autumn home decor trends are the perfect place to start looking for inspiration. With ideas awash with rich colours and metallic accents, we’ve rounded up the best new autumn winter 2018 interior colour trends to see you and your home through this season and many seasons to come.

Next-Level Navy

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Navy blue is set to be one of the BIGGEST autumn home decor trends this year. What’s more, deep blues are among those classic colour groups that easily stand the test of time, so your new navy will stay looking new for the foreseeable. It may sound odd, but navy blue can take on a wonderfully warm quality when paired up with the right accessories and secondary colours, despite it technically falling into the ‘cool colours’ category. There’s just something incredibly cosy, rich and decadent about a true navy blue colour scheme, and you’re going to see it everywhere this season.

Tips for Decorating with Navy for Autumn

If you’re thinking large-scale, try painting or papering just one or two walls in a room with your new navy shade, as an entire navy room may look far too dark. And if you’re looking for ways to lift the depth of the blue and add an extra autumnal hint, try adding a touch of gold to the mix. Looking for wallpaper with gold foil patterns or detailing, scatter gold cushions around the room, or add gold ornaments such as candlesticks to add contrast.

autumn home decor trends navy

The Aztec Blue Stair Runner and Carpet Runner

You can then coordinate the rest of your new scheme with additional accents such as a deep navy blue carpet runners, rugs or stair runners; perfect for keeping the blue theme running without dominating the room. You could even add gold or brass-toned stair rods or stair clips for an extra opulent effect that’s bang in line with this massive autumn home decor trend.

Dusty Vintage Pinks

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A refreshingly rosy alternative to the usual rusty, earthy tones we see in autumn home decor trends, the latest must-have colour scheme is a combination of dusty, vintage pinks. Layering them up is easy to do, and these sultry shades are just as easy on the eye, too. Just like the navy tones, these pinks will add plenty of warmth and contemporary style to your home, while also easily translating to warmer season aesthetics.  

Tips for Decorating with Dusty Pink for Autumn

These dusty pinks shades work especially well when paired with modern greys, dark neutrals and metallic accents. So if you choose to paint your walls in one of these beautiful shades, you could layer up the pinks with statement pink furniture upholstery and add layers of grey cushions, neutral or pink carpet runners and metallic ornaments or lighting. Try and include two or three different dusty pink shades in your room decor for added depth, keeping the darker shades confined to smaller elements such as a single sofa or a carpet runner.

And the dusty pink theme doesn’t have to stop with a single room; why not take it further through the house using a pink stair runner? This subtle-yet-statement decor element adds the perfect amount of colour without overpowering the often narrow spaces that staircases occupy.

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The Quirky Tess Pink Stair Runner and Carpet Runner

Glorious Golds

Gold decor is such an incredible trend that it’s lasted two entire seasons already. Picking up attention and popularity back in spring/summer, gold is still going strong in the autumn home decor trend charts. And we’re not talking about the ever-trendy gold and copper-toned ornaments and room accents either, we’re talking BIG gold statements, like gold carpet. It sounds a little crazy, we know, but trust us; it really works. Adding gold carpets, rugs or gold carpet runners brings a wonderfully rich and almost retro vibe to a room, and it’s surprisingly easy to accessorise.

Tips for Decorating with Gold for Autumn

If you’re thinking of going the whole hog and installing a full gold carpet, make sure you paint the walls a relatively neutral, light tone so as not to overwhelm the room. For the perfect, on-trend autumn aesthetic try adding mid-century style furnishings, which work beautifully with the retro glamour of the gold carpet.

autumn home decor trends gold

The Shaggy Gold Stair Runner and Carpet Runner

Not sure if you fancy going all-out gold? There’s an elegant compromise to be had here. Try simply accenting your floors with paler gold shades in smaller elements, such as gold carpet runners or rugs. These work especially well when layered over wood floors to make the gold fibres really ‘pop’. Other colours that work beautifully next to gold include jet black, pale cream and blue-greens like teal, so try layering these elements up using furniture upholstery, lighting and cushions.

Have you spotted any amazing autumn decor trends you fancy trying out? Show us some pictures on our social media pages; we’re nosey like that.

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