Styling Your Event with an Aisle Runner

Have a special event in the pipeline? Want to make a statement? Glamourous décor is the simplest way to make an impact and an aisle runner is an eye-catching addition to any event. Not only do aisle runners give any event a luxurious touch, they also are perfect for outdoor events, providing a smooth and even surface to walk on and also guiding your guests, showing them the path ahead. Whether you are looking to add an extra special touch to a wedding ceremony, an event or an awards dinner, a perfectly placed aisle runner will create a deluxe walkway instantly and help you achieve your desired aesthetic.  

Aisle Runners to Complement your Colour Theme  

The best part? Aisle runners are available in an array of colours to complement any event theme or décor style. So, the first step to styling your event to perfection is to settle on a shade. Here at runrug, we have aisle runners to suit every preference but to make your decision a little easier, we’ve picked out a few of our most wow-worthy styles including the Eliza glitz Gold and the Eliza Glitz Black.  

Of course, you will want to keep your colour theme in mind as you browse our designs to ensure it blends well with other elements of your event decor. If your colour theme is neutral, you can pick out an ivory, white or beige runner to complement it and it will blend seamlessly. Alternatively, a bold aisle runner like our Eliza red design will create a beautiful contrast to a neutral backdrop creating a visually showstopping space that can’t fail to ensure you or your guests make a memorable entrance.  

Traditional or Trendy Aisle Runners  

With so many styles to choose from, how do you choose the perfect aisle runner for your special event? Decide if you want to opt for a traditional and elegant runner or add glamour with an on-trend contemporary design. Take into account the style of the building itself. Is it simple and understated or regal and grand? Your aisle runner should complement the setting of your event but with so many to choose from, finding the perfect match is easy.  

Glitzy aisle runners are one of this year’s most popular wedding trends and with their mesmerising sparkle and deluxe aesthetic, it’s no surprise why. Metallics and shimmering finishes really add a modern feel and these carpet runners are superb if you want to create a standout focal point in your venue.  

Complete the Look with Candles, Florals and Lanterns 

Whether you are creating a stunning walkway for a wedding or you want to create a showstopping entrance to a charity event or dinner, you can use an aisle runner to create the foundation of your aisle décor.  

Once you have chosen a colour and style, you can then choose to style it by adding lanterns, candles, rose petals and other luxurious touches. Of course, our stunning aisle runners look beautiful all on their own but you can use them as a base to create something truly spectacular and extravagant.  

Looking to create an event that is memorable for all the right reasons? Use our aisle runner styling guide to create an event that is visually stunning and unique.  

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