Why choose a Stair Runner over carpet?

Why put a carpet runner on stairs?  

The big question… Should I choose a Stair Runner over the traditional wall-to-wall carpet on my stairs? Whilst both have pros and cons, we’re primarily here to explain to you why choosing a runner is a fantastic idea that you won’t regret; allowing you to flaunt the natural beauty of your hardwood stairs, whilst maintaining that cosy, warm appeal of carpet. 

Stair Runners are cost-effective 

In today’s economic climate, it’s no secret that we’re all looking to hold onto every penny that we can, but the good news… that doesn’t necessarily mean the beauty of our homes has to suffer! 

Stair Runners are a cost-efficient way to refresh your staircase, dramatically changing the whole feel of the entrance to your home. Depending on the complexity of your stairs (whether they feature 90-degree turns, the shape of the treads and the length of the stairs), on average a stair carpet runner will cost you between £130 – £160, excluding any costs associated with fitting, removing your old carpet and preparing your stairs! 

Style your runner with Stair Rods

As if a runner itself doesn’t add enough personality to your home, adding a stair runner gives you the unique opportunity to accessorize using stair rods. Whether classic and plain or decoratively reeded, Stair Rods can be the finishing touch to your new décor, adding an element of luxury, whilst further securing your runner to the stairs. 

Take your Stair Runner with you!

Another benefit to stair runners not often thought of is the simple fact that should you move house, you don’t have to leave your runner behind! Simply remove your stair rods and any fixings, and roll your runner up; ready to re-install in your new home! 

Install your Stair Runner yourself 

As you may have guessed from our last point explaining how easy it is to remove your runner… It’s just as easy to install your stair runner yourself. Runners are extremely DIY-friendly (which can make the process even cheaper!).

We have a full guide on how to install your stair runner and rods, and how to care for your carpet runners.

Bonus Tip: 

Matching Stair and Hallway Runner 

Thanks to our stair and hallway runners maintaining the same construction between product lines, you can seamlessly match your stair runner to a hallway runner to tie the space together, creating a cosy feel effortlessly. Of course, the same result can be achieved on your landing! 

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