Protect Your Home This Christmas With a Carpet Runner

Christmas is a time of peace and joy for many, but in a busy home it can also be a time of total chaos! Protecting your home during the Christmas period can be tricky with excitable small children, an abundance of food and wine and the inclement weather outside to contend with. can be a fix-all solution, so if you’re dreading the Christmas aftermath, give yourself an early gift and invest in a few simple carpet runners for your hallways, stairs and living room for the holiday season. See our recommendations for protecting your home for the perfect Christmas.


Tribal – Red Stair Carpet Runner

Hardwood stairways can be a beautiful feature of your home all year round, whether in pale painted pastels or stripped back warm woods. While great for cautious adults, excitable children waiting to rush down the stairs on Christmas morning can be an accident waiting to happen. Carpet runners for your stairs are not only a great way to introduce a bit more festive cheer into your home with festive and Christmassy traditional designs, but can also be a much needed slip-and-fall accident preventer. Our carpet runners for stairs can be fixed in securely with non-slip underlay and stair rods, meaning that little feet running up and down stairs needn’t worry about accidents and can fully focus on their presents under the tree!

Red Carpeted Stairs


Check – Brown Sisal Style Hallway Carpet Runner

Hallways always manage to take the worst hit during the colder seasons and Christmas is no exception. With the potential for slush and mud underfoot, the last thing you need is to have the weather dragged inside your house. Choosing a flatweave carpet runner means that your flooring and carpets are protected from any outdoor elements that make their way inside. Flatweave runners are naturally stain-resistant and are very easily cleaned. Whether you’re protecting your hallway from muddy boots or little messes from pets, a flatweave carpet runner for your hallways is sure to be a fantastic investment while the house is full of family and guests.

Brown Check Carpet Runner

Living Room

Storm – Titan Red Rug

Christmas is probably the one time of year that we will sit on the floor – it’s a great place to be, around the tree opening presents with family and little ones. However, if you’ve got a gorgeous hardwood floor in your living room, it won’t be a comfortable place to sit for long. A rug can go a long way towards making a room cosier and a more comfortable place to stand and sit, plus a thick shagpile rug feels fantastic and is bound to be a hit with children!

Red Shag Pile Rug

Whichever solution you choose, you’re sure to be able to protect your home this Christmas with a carpet runner for your stairs, hallway, or any room of your house!

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