Our customers love us – runrug.com is rated the full five stars on Trustpilot

Many online businesses might try to entice you by placing a small number of gushing reviews from past customers on their website, but a company’s true reliability isn’t measured by whether they can please just the occasional person here and there. Once a company has won approval from hundreds of people, then you can trust them to deliver a great service. We happen to be such a company!

You can trust us because you can trust Trustpilot

You might have already noticed, as you started your visit to our website today, that large banner on the front page, drawing attention to the five-star rating we have gained on Trustpilot. Trustpilot isn’t just any website; it is one of the most commonly-used and highly regarded consumer review websites. Furthermore, anyone with an email address or Facebook account can post reviews to Trustpilot, while all such reviews are subject to the site’s system for reporting unauthentic reviews. All of this makes Trustpilot a thoroughly reliable source of reviews from ordinary people just like you.

The great reviews run and run – like our carpet runners

Just click the aforementioned banner and you can easily read through many of the flattering testimonials by people who have made use of products or services from runrug.com and been left impressed. Many of these past customers have applauded not just the quality of the carpets, but also the speediness of their delivery and the appealing prices. What other great things do people have to say about runrug.com? It’s easy to find out for yourself – and, hopefully, you could soon find yourself adding your own positive critique to our page on Trustpilot.

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