Monochrome Carpet Runner & Rug Round-Up –

Here at, we love monochrome. The bold combination of black and white is a timeless style statement which is remarkably easy to pull off in an interior design scheme (no worrying about matching up different shades). In fact, you can even loosen the monochrome up a bit by adding splashes of bright colours here and there; the monochrome look is as versatile as it is sleek and modern looking.

So with that in mind, we are proud to present our favourite picks from the monochrome rug and carpet sale we are currently putting on. We’ll also provide you with some styling tips for the rest of your interiors, to ensure that your bold, black and white carpets make a lasting impression in your home interiors.

Monochrome Hallways

Hallways and staircases are a fantastic place to showcase the monochrome trend. Usually entrances are light on furniture and so the lack of clutter in the space will give the black and white combination room to breathe, making a bigger visual impact on people visiting your home.

A white walled backdrop will ensure the space looks clean and filled with as much light as possible. Checkerboard floor tiles look great as a restored original feature on older properties. But if your home is more of a modern build, you can still create a bold black and white entrance with something like a monochrome striped stair runner, which will draw the eye upwards and create a warm welcome. And for the finishing touch, a collection of framed black and white family photos arranged on the wall going up the stairs will create a sophisticated focal point.

Monochome Black White Stair Runner

Monochrome Stair Runner

Cosy Scandinavian Chic

Black and white is a popular combination in chic, Scandinavian homes and the great thing about decorating with monochrome is that it’s incredibly easy to create a cohesive look.  Investing in a few key pieces like classic white bed linen and some black bedside cabinets can create a relaxed and serene look, perfect for a bedroom.

And if you have hardwood floors (heck even if you have carpet) stepping out of bed on a cold winter’s morning can be made a whole lot snugglier with the addition of a monochrome, stripped rug by the side of your bed like this one pictured below.

Monochrome Zebra Rug

Monochrome Zebra Stripes Rug

Neutral Textures

To create a contrast with the sleek appearance of a black and white colour scheme, you can include lots of soft textures in your soft furnishings to make living spaces feel more homely. Slate grey woollen throws and soft cushions in any colour or design can prevent seating areas from becoming too stark and clinical looking.

Black White Cowskin Rug

Cowskin Rug

Ultra-Modern Monochrome

For areas like home offices, a monochrome colour scheme lends itself nicely to the colour palette of many modern technologies, pushing the appearance of a black and white study into ‘space age’ territory.

You can utilise the space under your staircase to build in a sleek, white or black desk area if you are short of home office space. But the key to keeping a monochrome home office scheme looking punchy and modern is to keep the rest of the area uncluttered and tidy.

And to tie the whole look together, why not try something like this timeless zebra stair runner or rug to add some eye-catching black and white detail?

Zebra - Black Animal Print Hallway Runner

Zebra Print Hallway Runner

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