Measuring and Fitting Stair Rods

Stair rods can be the perfect decorative addition to your home if properly measured and fitted, but before we begin, there are a few important points to consider regarding stair rods…

  • Firstly, stair rods should be used for decorative purposes only and not used to secure carpets or carpet runners.
  • Make sure you measure each rod and step, as often steps may vary in width so you want to know that you’re getting the right fit for each individual step.
  • Consider the length and the design of the rod finial if you choose finial rods. While a fantastic decorative addition to your stair rods, not all finials are removable and you may find that they don’t suit!

Measuring Stair Rods

Choosing the correct stair rod length is of great importance when choosing stair rods for your home. The length greatly affects the aesthetic of your staircase so you need to be sure of the style you are choosing. Different stair rods are required for carpet runners and fitted carpets or other flooring. If your carpet is fitted, then you’ll need to look at purchasing a front fix stair rod or a side fix stair rod. However, if you’re looking for stair rods that fit a carpet runner, there are specific stair rods for these carpets.

Both our Easyrod and Homepride ranges are easy to cut to size, making our selection stair rods some of the most convenient available. Simply choose from a selection of neutral colours to suit your home from black to brass then measure the width of your carpet runner. Typically you want your stair rods to hand over the edge of the carpet runner slightly, so make sure when you order the nearest stock length that you leave enough room for overhang when cutting.

Stair Rods

Fitting Stair Rods

Each of our stair rods is fitted with stair rod brackets, specially suited to holding your stair rods in place. We recommend making a bradawl guide hole before screwing in the bottom screw to save mistakes later. Carpet runner stair rods are placed either side of the runner, touching the sides of the carpet, and should be screwed into the staircase.

Stair Rods

Points to Remember:

  • Check that the stair rod is protruding by an equal length on each side of the runner
  • Do not mix bracket components when preparing to fit the stair rods
  • A stair rod on the bottom step will balance the look of the staircase

Browse our full range of stair rods to find the perfect fit for your home.

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