Making Your Home Feel Warm in Winter

The clocks have changed, autumn is in full swing and winter feels as though it is just around the corner. This time of year makes us all want to hibernate and watch the cold weather outside from the comfort of our homes. These coming months can also bring expensive heating bills when trying to keep rooms at a nice temperature, but there are ways you can make it feel toastier with these simple tips:


If you have windows in your home which are bare or simply covered over with blinds, this won’t help to keep out the cold. You should put up curtains where possible as this extra shield of material will stop draught coming into your home. Make sure to open them too however, if the sun does shine it is a great way to heat your room naturally.


If you have laminate flooring you will have loved the chilly feeling beneath your feet on a hot day. On the other hand you will know how it can feel during the winter months too, especially when you wake up on a morning. Putting down thick shaggy rugs is a great way to add some colour to your flooring as well as something to step on that is soft and warm when you don’t have socks on.


Having a room that looks cosy instantly makes you feel warmer, so instead of having the fire on all the time which costs a lot, why not try some candles? You could get quite a few large candles and stand them on your fireplace, which will give off a little heat and look brilliant.


If you have a thin quilt on your bed it could be a good time to swap it for a thicker version. If you don’t want to go out and buy brand new items you could just grab some blankets lying about the house and layer them over your bed. Pairing this with some thick socks will be sure to keep you warm on an evening.

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