Is an animal print rug for you?

There is a whole section of the website dedicated to our stock of animal print rugs, but there are good reasons why you might not have looked at it. There are some myths about such rugs, and these myths can deter people from buying them. So, what myths exactly do we mean?

Animal print rugs can make your home look more, not less, vibrant

Some people can be enticed by the prospect of buying several animal print rugs. Indeed, the great prices that we at charge for our rugs can make buying several of them delightfully hassle-free! It is a shame, that some people fear that a lot of animal print rugs in their homes could leave their home looking too similar in many areas – and, therefore, boring.

Ironically, though, such rugs were made in the first place to make places look more vibrant and exciting. The elaborate patterns on such rugs ensure that, even with plenty of them in your home, it is unlikely to look drab.

Our animal print rugs are not made from actual animal fur!

You might love animals, but not want to purchase any of these rugs due to a desire not to have any flooring made from animal pelts. However, no animal fur has been used to make our animal print rugs. The animal patterns are only replicated, not directly taken, from animals.

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