How To Match Your Stair Runners To Your Wall Colour

Giving your stairway an upgrade is a great way to breathe a bit of fresh life into your living space, and one of the best ways to change your look is with a stair runner. There are many questions that you’ll ask yourself when it comes to redecorating your stairway, and here at, we have all of the design prowess and knowledge to help guide you through your design decisions. 

Stair runner in red

Matching or contrasting the colour of your walls to your runner can be difficult, but once you have mastered the art, it will make your home look and feel more refined, luxurious and thought out. There are a few tips and tricks that you can use to achieve the desired effect, and we will run through each trend throughout this piece. 

Contrast your colours

One design trick that has become popular in the last few years is contrasting your colour scheme. A rule of thumb to follow is that colours on the opposite ends of the colour wheel will often complement one another.

One thing that you should take into consideration when using contrasting colours is the use of accents with the surrounding furniture. You should have a colour that is more dominant and is used for your walls and then a secondary colour that you can use to accessorise throughout your home at interval points such as cushions, textiles and other furnishings. Your stair runner can be used as either an extension of the dominant colour or as a supporting accent colour depending on the style and the colour of your wall.

Another point to consider when contrasting colours is the warmth and vivacity of the colour that you have chosen. For example; If you choose a darker colour, you will need to make sure that your contrasting colour is also darker. 

Add a pattern

Patterned stair runners can be a great addition to your home and can be a great way to introduce colour into your home if you have a neutral base. Within our range of patterned stair runners, you will find a wide range of styles that incorporate pops of colour. These colours can be used to add to the colour scheme of your existing decor, and you can draw colours from the runner that are similar to the colour of the walls that you already have. 

One way to run colour through your stairway is by adding a striped runner to your stairs. Due to the nature of their design, striped stair runners are great additions to homes that have angles on staircases. Stripes naturally draw the eye line upwards and will elongate the feel of the space. 

Our striped stair runner range is available in a wide variety of colours, including warm and welcoming tones of red and if you are searching for something that can be paired with any interior, we recommend opting for something within the cream range of runners available. 

Create a focal point 

If you have a neutral colour scheme on your stairway walls, it could be a good idea to create a focal point with your stair runner. White or cream-based walls in your stairway can brighten up the space, but when accompanied by a daring runner, you can create a vibe with your interior that stands out.

Choosing colour is always a great way to add vibrancy to your room, and here at, we have multi-coloured options for you to add to your interior space. 

If you want a dramatic look for your interior, a great way to achieve this is with an animal print stair runner. Walk on the wilder side of design and contrast your neutral walls with a luxurious animal print – within our range, you will find stand out styles, including zebra print runners. 

Accessorise with stair rods 

One way to match your stairway with your wall colour is by accessorising with stair rods. If you have a traditional aesthetic in your living space and want to create a refined feel and add luxurious touches to your stairway, introducing bronze stair rods is the ideal choice and can help to bring out the warmer hues of the space. 

Black stair rods

If you prefer a moodier and more masculine aesthetic and have darker walls in your stairway, it is a good idea to continue with the darker theme and accessorise with black stair rods. Black stair rods have a luxurious and expensive feel and will give your living space a refined edge that you won’t find elsewhere. 

Incorporate floral designs 

Adding a runner to your stairway that has a floral design is one way that you can match your staircase to the wall colour. Floral stair runners often have a wide range of hues that blend together perfectly; you can pull specific hues from the design to match with the colours of your wall. This will create a cohesive look that ties together well and helps you to create a colour scheme that matches your walls. 

Here at, we have a wide selection of stair runners for you to add to your home to give it the upgrade that it deserves. We also have a wide range of stairway accessories, such as stair rods, that will add the finishing touch to your living space. If you are looking for more style advice, you should check out our inspiration hub, where you will find a wide range of interior inspiration guides to follow. 

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