How To Fit Stair Rods: A Step-By-Step Guide

Stair rods make the ultimate finishing touch to your newly-fitted stair runner. Elegant and timeless, they help instantly add a beautiful, classic look to your home and are incredibly easy to install and DIY-friendly. Here we’ll show you how to fit stair rods with our easy-to-follow photo tutorial, courtesy of our professional fitter.

Already got your stair runner fitted and ready to go? If so, let’s get started:

What You’ll Need:

  • Hacksaw
  • Screwdriver or combi drill 
  • Stair rods with brackets and screws

How To Fit Stair Rods:

Step 1 – Cut your stair rods to the desired length

Unless you ordered your stair rods to be made to the exact length required, you will need to measure and cut them yourself. The length you cut them to will depend on the style of rod you have chosen, so make sure you check the product specification for guidance. Generally, your stair rod should measure 10-15cm longer than the width of your stair runner carpet, but make sure you are factoring in the added length of the finials before you start cutting. To cut your stair rod, simply remove the finials, measure to the desired length and cut using a hacksaw.

Step 2 – Reattach the finials

Slot or screw your finials back onto the ends of your trimmed stair rods and make sure they are fixed tightly.

Step 3 – Attach the brackets

Slot your brackets onto your stair rods, one at each end.

Step 4 – Position your rods

Starting from the bottom step, begin placing your stair rods in position. Your brackets should sit at the edges of your stair runner.

Step 5 – Screw into place

Using your screwdriver or combi drill screwdriver attachment, screw your brackets into place. One screw will fix to the riser above the step while the other will fix into the tread. Make sure these are tightly fixed in place to prevent loosening and rattling over time. Repeat for each step, leaving out the very top and bottom landings.

Step 6 – Here’s how your brackets should look when properly fitted

Step 7 – Here’s how your stair rods should look when you’re finished.

And that’s how to fit stair rods; piece of cake, right? Told you they are totally DIY-friendly! Now you can enjoy a staircase that looks every bit as grand as a manor house, and the permanently shiny finishes on modern stair rods mean absolutely no polishing work for you. Result! 

If you’re considering installing stair rods with your stair runner but need some inspiration styles, by all means, take look at our extensive stair rods collection. You’ll find lots of traditional and contemporary styles plus a huge range of classic and modern finishes to choose from, so you can match your rods to your stair carpet style and easily create your desired look.

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