How To Remove Food Smells From Your Carpet

Out of many different things that you could accidentally spill on your carpet, food is something that is especially likely to end up on that carpet’s usually immaculate surface at some point. A big dilemma with food spillages is that, even after the food itself has been cleaned away, the food’s smell can long remain. So, how can you get r of the smell as well? Here is what we at Runrug would advise.

Why food smells can be so problematic

Certain foods produce stronger smells than others, and it’s fair to say that there are few situations in life where a carpet that smells of, say, curry, garlic, or strawberry is exactly… ideal. However, such a carpet is especially inconvenient if you bring visitors or guests into your home. In fact, a stinky carpet could lead to a stinky residence as a whole.

Worse, removing smells from a carpet can be frustratingly hard for anyone who is not exactly an expert in carpets – which is why we think the following advice could prove incredibly useful.

Be careful to use the right cleaning technique

The food smell can remain long after the food stain because small particles of food can become stuck to fibres of your carpet. Unsurprisingly, such particles can be arduous to remove, but much less so if you use an appropriate cleaning method.

You could, for example, turn to a carpet deodoriser. It isn’t too difficult to find a shop that stocks this product, and using it can assist in neutralising the smell and so leaving the carpet lovely again. Even if this doesn’t work, you can still resort to steam cleaning. This type of cleaning involves using a steam cleaner that releases hot water onto the carpet. This water can reach even those particularly deep parts of your carpet that could be very hard to clean using more conventional cleaning techniques.

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