How to clean a carpet runner

Making sure that your carpet runner stays looking in pristine condition and taking care of any stains is an important part of the aftercare routine. We have gathered together all of our cleaning tips for you to consult as well as some of our best practices to ensure that you stay on top of keeping your carpet runner looking fresh.

General care tips for keeping your carpet runner clean

At, we have developed a huge fountain of tips that will help you to keep your runner in the best possible condition. Some general tips and best practices to adhere to include: 

  • Remove your shoes at the door, and don’t tread mud into your property.
  • Add doormats to the entrances of your home to make sure that anyone who enters can wipe their feet sufficiently.
  • Keep the runner out of direct sunlight as this can cause it to fade and discolour when in direct exposure to the sun. 
  • To avoid delve marks, you should rearrange your furniture occasionally. 
  • Fix any marks or stains as soon as they happen.
  • Regularly vacuum the area.
  • Have a deep clean of the carpet or runner yearly. 

How to get stains out of your carpet runner

Over the years, we have gained expertise and developed a range of tips and tricks that will help you get stains out of your carpet runner. Below you will find handy techniques that will help you get stains from your runner: 

Red wine stains  

It’s a simple fact in life that red wine and cream runners don’t mix well. But what happens when your Australian red is spilt onto your runner and how do you get the stain out? 

Our ‘How To Get Red Wine Out A Carpet’ guide will help you remove red wine stains with a range of methods that include salt and vinegar, baking soda, washing up liquid and even more alcohol. The guide includes items that can be found around the home, which makes the panic recovery attempt even quicker to fix. 

Oil stains 

Don’t panic! Oil stains on your runner are not ideal, but they do happen. But how do you get rid of it? Check out our ‘How To Get Oil Out A Carpet’ guide, where you will find handy tricks that will help you get both fresh oil stains and dried oil stains from your runner. 

Our step by step method will help you get the oil from your runner and make sure that it comes up looking fresh, crisp and as clean as it first did when you added it to your decor. 

Paint stains 

Whether you have been decorating yourself, had professional work completed, or your little ones have decided that they are feeling particularly creative and want to paint on the carpet – we have a guide to help you! 

Our ‘How To Get Paint Out A Carpet’ guide will give you a step by step guide on how to remove any paint stains from your carpet runner. The guide has specific methods for both water-based paints and oil-based paint, so you can be sure to get the impromptu artwork from the runner. 

Nail varnish stains 

At, we know the pain that you feel when you drop nail varnish on your carpet runner. But fear not, our ‘How To Get Nail Varnish Out A Carpet’ guide is designed to help you get the stain from your runner quickly and using items that you will probably already have in your cupboards. 

The guide shows you how to get rid of the nail varnish stains by using items such as hairspray, window cleaner and even hydrogen peroxide. 

Wax stains 

If you are a candle lover, you may have blown out a candle too hard and spilt wax onto your carpet. At, our ‘How To Get Wax Out A Carpet’ guide will walk you through the process of removing wax stains from your carpet or runner in 5 easy steps.

The guide will show you how to remove wax from your carpet runner using methods such as icing and scraping. Easy to follow, the method is simple and effective for removing stains efficiently. 

Mud stains 

If you have little ones or have a pooch who is subject to muddy paws, getting mud stains from your runner can be a frequent occurrence. But how do you get mud stains from your carpet? At, we have outlined a series of steps within our ‘How To Get Mud Out A Carpet’ guide that will help you to remove any stubborn stains. 

Make up stains 

Removing make-up stains from a carpet or runner isn’t an easy task. But at, we have a comprehensive list of methods for you to try when you do accidentally stain your runner. From potato starch for foundation stains to vinegar for lipstick stains – our guide covers it all. Check out the full ‘How To Get Make Up Out A Carpet’ guide at today. 

Chewing Gum stains 

We don’t know how it happens either, but getting chewing gum stuck into your runner or carpet is not ideal. You don’t have to panic, our step by step ‘How To Get Chewing Gum Out A Carpet’ guide will walk you through the entire process of removing chewing gum from your carpet. 

General pet care tips for clean carpets

Owning a pet and having a clean and presentable carpet is achievable and doesn’t have to be too difficult. Our ‘Pet Owners Carpet Care’ guide has easy to follow methods for general cleaning, removing accidents and other pet cleaning queries. 

Whether you are looking for an effective way to remove cat urine from your runner, or you want a way to combat any fleas from pet hair that shreds – we have you covered. For more cleaning and care tips to get the most from your runner, you can browse through our care hub, where you will find a whole host of information to keep your runner in the best condition possible.

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