Honey is Home! How to Style the Dulux Colour of the Year 2019

Excellent news! The Dulux Colour of the Year 2019 has been announced, and it’s a goodun’. Introducing Spiced Honey – a surprisingly versatile neutral that you can get really creative with. And here it is:

dulux colour of the year 2019Image: Dulux.co.uk

This incredible new hue was chosen by the colour experts at Dulux HQ for its positive vibes, all of which we’re picking up on right now. When we think of honey we think sweet, rich, luxurious and velvety, and the Spiced Honey shade strikes all of these tones perfectly. And just like honey itself, this colour is incredibly versatile. It can be sweet, it can be savoury, it can be warm and cosy, or it can be cool and soothing. It all depends what you pair it with.

This is where we come in. The colour combinations you choose for your Spiced Honey interiors will dictate how the shade works for you, and one of the key interior elements you can use to set your colour scheme is your flooring. Here are some of the best carpet runner and stair runner colours you can pair up with your newly honeyed walls from the new Dulux Colour of the Year 2019:

Rich Burgundy

dulux colour of the year burgundy

Teaming up your Spiced Honey walls with warm burgundy hues is one foolproof way of enhancing the colour’s warm and cosy tones. 2019’s Dulux colour of the year is perfectly suited to life next to deep red shades, and a burgundy red carpet runner or rug adds the ideal hint of richness if you don’t fancy painting entire walls in this colour. Remember to keep it balanced by using lighter coloured furniture and creamy coloured home textiles so you don’t create a room that’s too dark.

dulux colour of the year 2019 burgundy  Image: Dulux.co.uk

Pastel Pink

dulux colour of the year 2019 pink

You may not have seen this one coming, but light pastel shades work beautifully with the Spiced Honey colour. Whether as a contrast wall or added in small amounts with a pastel pink carpet runner, rug, cushions or throws, the two shades work together to create a cool, soothing and tranquil atmosphere to relax in. Throw in some cool greys and pale creams as well to lift the whole room and create a brighter aesthetic.

dulux colour of the year 2019 light pinkImage: Dulux.co.uk

Deep Cobalt Blue

dulux colour of the year 2019 blue

Pairing up your Spiced Honey walls and accents with rich, deep blues creates an incredible contrast that makes the Spiced Honey take on an almost golden tone. If you want to keep things relatively light and airy then avoid painting entire walls in Spiced Honey when pairing with these blues. Instead, add it in strips or borders like in the Dulux example below, and add subtle white or cream elements to further lift the colours. Alternatively, a dark blue carpet runner is the ideal compromise, as it provides only a small touch of this dark, rich colour that won’t overpower or dominate the space.

dulux colour of the year 2019 dark blueImage: Dulux.co.uk

Charcoal Grey

dulux colour of year 2019 grey

Teaming up your Spiced Honey walls with a sophisticated charcoal grey adds surprising warmth while creating an edgy, earthy aesthetic. Add the tones in the form of a charcoal grey carpet runner, rug or soft furnishings and then begin layering up various lighter shades of grey using cushions and accent chairs for a clean, sharp look.

dulux colour of the year 2019 charcoal greyImage: Dulux.co.uk

How will you be styling 2019’s Dulux Colour of the Year? We hope you’ve found plenty of inspiration here with us. Share your interior projects with us using our social buttons below and have a little brag; we’re looking forward to seeing what you can do with this incredible new colour.

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