3 Flooring Ideas For Your Hallway

Your hallway is the first thing your guests (and more importantly, you!) will see when entering your home. Like most of us, you will want to take this opportunity and turn it into something beautiful; showcasing your personality and ever-so-keen eye for interior styling – though it goes deeper than this!

The ancient Chinese practice of Feng-shui which links our environment and the energy it provides insists that your hallway is the soul of the home. Whether you look at the energy (or Qi) that flows through a hallway, or simply the footfall – it’s a high-traffic environment that deserves to be treated as such!

So, below is our guide to different flooring options to explore in your hallway, to set the tone for the rest of your home.


If your vibe is a scandi-inspired look that exudes calm and nature, wooden flooring will be your go-to in the hallway. The practical downfalls are certainly squashed by the sheer beauty offered by natural wood flooring, and its versatility to be paired with quite literally any décor style. Though if moisture exposure has the potential to be an issue, you can closely match real wood with a laminate counterpart, whilst enjoying all the benefits of synthetic material.


Period Property

The market for Victorian-inspired tiles is saturated at present, meaning it’s easier than ever to capture the elegance of period properties in your own home. They provide a focal point, whilst enhancing and opening up a narrow space, as was common when and where the style originated.

You’ll be truly spoiled for choice when it comes to picking the design, with every option possessing different characteristics to visualize your personality.

Rustic Cottage

Authentic stone tiles are the way to go to achieve that natural, rustic feel. As you’re working with a natural material, you gain the byproducts of authentic quirk and character, introducing a floor that truly looks like it’s been there all along! If you’re trying to portray a cosy farmhouse or cottage, with an open fire and the smell of a home-cooked meal, you may have found your match!

On A Budget? Replicate, replicate, replicate!

If you desire the effect of real wood or tile, but your budget is slightly smaller – vinyl is a fantastic choice for your hallway – with some additional perks! Thanks to its integrated cushioned layer, it has a softer feel, added warmth, and is quieter to walk on… Not to mention vinyl is extremely easy to clean, and super durable!

The finishing touch…

Now how could we sit on the throne as the number one carpet runner specialist in the world, without opening your eyes to the possibility of enhancing your brand new space?

Hallway Runners are a fantastic way to enhance any of the above, and really let your personality shine through – in a non-permanent, inexpensive, and functional way!

If Scandi-inspired is your vibe, try pairing your wooden flooring with our Cuba Libre runner, to add a tasteful, minimalist pattern to the mix.

If you’re working with period-inspired tiles, we suggest going with something plain or subtle to hold the show together, like our Aztec range.

If you have natural stone flooring throughout your hallway, the world is really your oyster when it comes to pairing a runner, thanks to the farmhouse / cottage feel you’ll have achieved! Think of something cosy, that pairs well with your existing décor. Some of our favourites are Décor Wilton Park Lane, and National Treasures Urban Flint.

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