Favourite Festive Décor

Christmas Day is only 2 days away and we are very excited! We have been spending some time looking around on Pinterest finding stunning pics of homes that have been decorated for the holidays. We can’t help but admire the right amount of style mixed with festive cheer, and here are some of our favourites:

Welcoming exterior
Many people decorate their houses on the inside; however the outside is the first thing visitors see so it should definitely look festive! Adorn your house with pretty icicle lights, poinsettia flowers, a wreath and more to welcome visitors and put a smile on your face when returning to your home!

Grand staircase

The stairway leading to the next level of your home is the perfect place to add some Christmas colour. You can attach a garland up the banister or even just place loads of baubles on the staircase if you don’t want nosy visitors venturing upstairs during a party! Of course a stair runner in red leading the way will add to the festive feel too.

Festive tree

A home is not complete without a big Christmas tree that is adorned with pretty baubles, sparkling tinsel and fairy lights. It is the centre of Christmas day where families gather and presents are unwrapped so make sure it is bright and also has personal touches significant to your family.

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