Decorate Your Home With Cosy Colours

This time of year can be uninspiring with the dreary weather outdoors, but you can also turn it into a positive! With the outside weather too cold to venture out in on a weekend, why not focus on redecorating your home? The UK weather is known to be dull and chilly right through the winter months, so it is a fantastic idea to mix up your colour scheme for a cosier feel. Here are three colours you could try:


The first colour that comes to mind when you think of the word heat is red. It resembles things such as love, a roaring fire and even being hot-headed, which all give feelings of warmth. You could add one of our red carpet runners to your home, whether you choose a fluffy rug in the living room or a grand carpet runner leading up your staircase.




A burnt orange shade is gorgeous colour to add to your home. It really brings a room together when you have cream walls and carpet, plus you can add touches of brown for an earthy feel. You can use it in a rug, cushions, curtains and more in your living room, plus it will match the dancing flames of your fire!




If you have a large space to work with, a huge fireplace and want to make the room feel like a real winter wonderland then white and teal work really well. It might sound like it would be a bit cold but the addition of a deep teal colour can help warm it up, plus once the fire is on it will make the room look picturesque!

Which of these three colours would you love to add to your living area?

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