Dark Bedroom Ideas: How to Decorate with Dark Colours

Dark bed against a dark wall and floor

We know what you’re thinking. Dark bedrooms? Surely that’s something to be avoided when it comes to decor? Quite the contrary, in fact. If done properly, dark bedrooms can be cosy, restful and calming places that create a warm, cocooning effect. Bliss.

Not sure where to start? Decorating a dark bedroom is easier than you might think. We’re here to help you make the right choices and give you plenty of dark bedroom ideas to inspire your next decor project.

What colour to paint a dark bedroom

The best place to start is to decide on a main colour for the walls. Painting a dark bedroom doesn’t have to be limited to dark navy blue and black either; you could also choose deep green shades, mid to dark greys or even deep wine-shaded reds and purples. The colour you choose will help set the mood for your bedroom, whether you want it to be moody and dramatic (black or navy), industrial-chic and neutral (greys) or peaceful and nurturing (greens). Picking your colour will help guide what you do with the rest of the room.

Picked your colour? Here are a few tips for decorating your dark bedroom:

Contrast Walls

If you’re picturing gloomy, dark ‘cave’ bedrooms, stop right there. Decorating a dark bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean wall-to-wall darkness. The best way to create a good balance is to contrast your darker shades with some lighter ones, which is easily done with your walls.

If you’re going for very dark shades like black and deep navy, try sticking to just one or two walls painted in this colour. This way you can contrast them with two or three walls painted in a crisp white or off-white shade to lighten it up a touch. If you’re going for a slightly less intense dark colour such as dark green or a dark, rich red, you could expand to three walls or even four if you’re feeling brave. 

Temper dark bedrooms with light floors

If you love the idea of dark walls but you’re worried it might be a little ‘too much’, try balancing the room with lighter floors and floor textiles. Whitewashed floorboards make the perfect tempering element for a dark bedroom colour scheme or, if you’re limited on budget, try placing a large white area rug or a white or cream carpet runner to lift the overall colour scheme and balance the look.

Dark bedroom light flooring design idea

Add glimmer glamour with metallics

Burnished metallics are a dark bedroom’s secret weapon. Adding instant brightness and shine to any dark bedroom colour scheme, large metallic accents such as brass bed frames, gold headboards and mirrors all have the power to lift and complement those soothingly- dark walls and fabrics. You can also use smaller metallic accents such as light fittings, ornaments and photo frames for a more subtle touch, or you could even work metallic-detailed wallpapers into the room to create a feature wall with a glowing, contemporary edge. 

Mix earthy colours and textures

Earthy tones such as dark browns, burnt oranges, dark yellows and deep greens create a naturally darker aesthetic, making them the perfect choice for decorating a dark bedroom. Try mixing one or two of your favourite earthy colours with natural textural elements such as wood panelling, sisal carpet runners or rugs to layer up the earthy tones and create a calming, cocooning bedroom that reflects the soothing colours of nature. 

Dark bedroom design ideas

Add dark prints

A statement dark print can sometimes be all you need to create the dark bedroom aesthetic you’re looking for. One of our absolute favourite dark bedroom ideas is to create a feature wall using a dark, printed wallpaper. Jungle prints in deep greens and dark blues make for a stunning and surprisingly soothing effect, and limiting to one wall prevents the room from feeling too busy or closed-in. You could supplement the look with more dark printed elements such as curtains, bedding, throws or even a printed rug or carpet runner. Check out our post on how to mix patterns and prints for a little help in getting the right balance.

Accent with bold colours

Accenting your chosen dark wall colour with a few pops of very bold, bright colours is a great way to balance out the room and add vibrancy. A dark grey, for example, can be accented with bright red elements to create a bold and contemporary feel. Colourful accents can be anything from bed frames and furniture to photo frames, light fittings and textiles. Other possible colour combinations could be black walls with white accents, dark green walls with pink accents, or dark grey walls with yellow accents; it all depends on your own personal taste.

Keep it simple

If you’re really not sure about painting your walls with dark colours, there is still a way to add a darker touch to your bedroom. Simply opt for statement pieces of darker furniture such as black or deep navy bed frames, wardrobes and chests of drawers, while keeping the walls light and bright. You can also create a darker aesthetic by using artwork and dark textiles such as black carpet runners, dark curtains and throws, all without the commitment of paint and wallpaper. 

We hope we’ve given you plenty of dark bedroom ideas to get you started on your perfect, calming bedroom. Show us the fruits of your efforts on our social media channels below!

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