Christmas Decor Tips for Your Home

When it comes to creating the perfect Christmassy home, we at know exactly how we can help. Though you may not want a permanent feature, such as a stair runner, for the Christmas period, your home can certainly benefit from one of our more mobile products. Choosing a hallway carpet runner or a new rug can really bring some festive cheer where it’s most needed and create a Christmassy first impression for your guests.

Style is an important consideration, even when it comes to Christmas decor! Home decor falls into two broad categories: Traditional or Modern. We’ve put together some Christmas decor tips for choosing a modern or traditional hallway carpet runner or a modern or a traditional rug that best helps you reflect your home aesthetic while joining in with the cheer of the season.

Modern Homes

The modern home is always ahead of the curve, choosing simplistic styles that offer maximum impact. The most on-trend style this season for modern homes is the Nordic theme. This style involves stripping Christmas right back to the black and white days, choosing cool and wintry colours rather than the traditionally warm palette we’ve become used to. Innovative and unquestionably modern, the Nordic charm will bring the proverbial chill into your home while warming the hearts of your family and guests.

We Recommend:

Orleans Plaid Multi Rug                               

Plaid Rug

Gridlock Black Hallway Carpet Runner

Check Carpet Runner

Traditional Homes

The charm of a traditional home lies primarily within the pattern of the chosen carpet runner or rug. It so happens that because of this reliance upon the design, that a simple choice of colour can really enhance the Christmassy look of your home. Classic colours include red, green and gold, so if you can find a traditional style carpet runner or rug with a combination of these colours you’re well on your way to welcoming your guests into a traditionally cosy Christmas home that harks back to the classic period Christmas.

We Recommend:

Bidjar – Red Hallway Carpet Runner             

 Hallway Carpet Runner


Element – Lancaster Red Rug

Lancaster Red Rug

Remember that however you choose to decorate your home this Christmas, stock all the little accessories you may need to hold your carpet in place or clean up some spilled mulled wine! If you are looking for something of a more permanent feature, please browse our range of stair carpet runners for some festive inspiration!

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