Choosing The Right Rug

When it comes to choosing a rug for your home there are two main considerations that you should take into account before you start browsing. Firstly, you need to consider how the rug will fit in with the aesthetic of your room, how it will match the style and design of your furniture. The second point you need to consider is what the purpose of the rug is, as a rug designed for decorative addition to a room and a rug designed to provide a protective covering are two very different items.


If your home is predominantly comprised of cool angles and snappy designs, then it would most benefit from a modern rug. Modern rugs can be used either as a statement piece, with bright and bold patterns that capture the eye in a plainly decorated room, or as a muted piece that balances out the multiple tones of a visually busy room. Whichever rug you choose, the modern patterns and contemporary colour choices are sure to suit the look of your home.

Modern Rug

Traditional homes often look very stately and respectable and require a rug in high taste to suit. If your room is of a period design such as Victorian or 1920’s style, then you’ll be able to find a period rug suiting this traditional style. However, our range of traditional rugs also includes vintage designs reminiscent of many other areas that would be suitable for welcoming into your traditionally styled home.

Traditional Rug

Contemporary or Rustic homes would benefit from something a little more unusual. Our range of animal print rugs are perfect for a truly contemporary and modern finish that will enhance the aesthetic of your room and add a point of interest within the room. We also host a range of animal rugs that are more traditional in appearance, best suiting a rustic styled home.

Animal Print Rug


Shag pile is ideal for adding extra comfort to your home. Snugly and loved by all that get to rest their feet on it, shag pile is a favourite for all the family and your guests too! Place a long pile rug in the lounge or bedroom for a truly luxurious experience.

Shag Pile Rug

If you’re looking to protect your floors, a flat weave rug provides all of the coverage you need without any long layers for dirt or food to become trapped in. Most popular in hallways, kitchens and utility rooms, flat weaves are easy to clean and save your floors from unwanted scrapes and stains.

Flat Weave Rug

If your rug requirements are purely for decoration and something a little different to stand out in your home, take a look at a wall or cowhide rug for some stunning modern and traditionalist patterns that are sure to add a little interest to an otherwise plain lounge or bedroom.

Cowhide Rug

Children can be tricky to contain, but providing them with a snuggly and fun rug to play on is sure to keep them seated and happy. Our children’s rugs are perfect for the bedroom with designs suitable for every individual child. Choose from a decorative design or a sprawling play mat to keep them entertained.

Children's Rug

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