’s Guide to Wedding Preparation

Planning a wedding can be hard work, be it for yourself or someone else. Luckily, we’ve come up with some tips and tricks to help you get organised for the big day.

Organisation is key.
If you haven’t discovered this already, notebooks and other bits and pieces of stationery are your best friend. Make time-orientated goals, but make them realistic. You aren’t going to find your dream dress or venue in a week, so keep this in mind.

Create a scrapbook or keep notes of anything nice you spot in wedding magazines, or while you’re out and about. Be it colour schemes, outfits, or anything else; note it down!

Take a breather
It can be tempting to go overboard when planning a wedding; be it going over your budget, going with an over-the-top dress only to regret it on the day, or overworking yourself. Make sure to take time out of your already-hectic schedule to relax. Read a book, watch TV; do whatever makes you feel relaxed and at ease. Your wedding is important, but keeping yourself sane is even more so.

Stuck for finding ways to stand out?
Everybody wants their big day to be special and unique. Why have a wedding exactly the same as someone else, after all? Wedding Runners are ideal for adding a glamorous, unique finishing touch to your wedding.

Use them down the aisle, for an eye-catching entrance into your reception… the options are endless! With a range of designs available, there’s a runner for nearly every event; from traditional red and white, to pink and black, to patterned designs. Don’t think they’re just limited for use at weddings, though. Use them at parties, proms, or other get-togethers. The only limit is your imagination (or colour scheme)!

These runners are super durable and can be used more than once. To get the most out of your runner, make sure to purchase some of our anti-slip and cleaning accessories.

For more information on wedding runners, or any more of our products, feel free to contact today.

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