Carpet runners for Christmas?!

Christmas is just around the corner; the days are getting colder, shorter, and (hopefully) your home is getting a little cosier! Why not make your home warmer this winter with a nice new hallway runner?

Cozy carpet runners in all colours!
We stock carpet runners in almost every colour, but if you’re feeling festive already, why not try red, green, or a bit of both? To inject some understated festivity into your home, why not try our plain red “Aztec” runner? For something a bit more out there, our “Persian” or “Tartan” runners are ideal.

It’s entirely up to you which colour runner you pick, these are just suggestions! To view our full range of hallway runners by colour, click here.

Make a lasting impression.
Hallway runners add a touch of glamour all year around, but isn’t nice to welcome your guests to something special at Christmas? Regardless of if you choose to go for a more flamboyant design, or choose something a bit more modest; your runner will impress.

Whichever runner you buy, they’re made from the highest quality materials, and made to be durable. Some take wear and tear better than others, however. For maximum durability, go for a flatweave runner.

Not just a pretty face!
Hallway runners have their practical uses, too! Hopefully the mere sight of one will get your guests to take off their shoes, but if not, darker colours will disguise any small stains, and maybe stop more from spreading throughout your house. Maybe purchasing some cleaning products would help with particularly pesky guests! are specialists in hallway runners, stairway runners, wedding runners, rugs, and accessories. For more information on us and what we stock, feel free to contact us.

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