Carpet Runners: A Pet Owner’s (2nd) Best Friend

While caring for a pet can be one of the most fulfilling experiences life can offer, they can take a toll on your home. While choosing a hardwood floor can be a good cleaning solution for you, it can be cold, uncomfortable, and slippery to walk on for your pet. Taking both sides into consideration, there is a solution that will keep both you and your pet happy. For a clean and comfortable home for both of you, you’ll need a carpet runner. Not just any carpet runner, but one that’s stain resistant, durable, non-slip and naturally hides pet hair. Luckily for you, we have just the thing.

A carpet runner allows your pet some flooring to walk easily upon, relax upon, but unfortunately this also means that they’ll shed and occasionally make a mess upon it too! To make sure that you minimise the visibility of shedding pet hair and find any little messes easy to clean, our flatweave carpet runners are on hand to help. Each of these carpet runners are made from 100% Polypropylene, a fantastically durable material that’s naturally stain resistant and can take a little wear and tear from pets chewing and scratching. In addition to this, our flatweave carpet runners come with a gel and latex combination backing to prevent the carpet from slipping when you or your pet walk across it.

While the material is an important consideration, choosing the right pattern and colour can be crucial in preventing the visibility of pet hair around your home. The rule of thumb dictates that you should choose a carpet runner with a heavy pattern and a dark colour, but if your pet sheds white hair this could be a disaster that will have you cleaning your carpets for hours each day! To avoid this, take into consideration not only the colour scheme of your home, but the colour of the hair that your pet sheds. A busy pattern will certainly detract from the visibility, but if the hair blends in with the carpet this is even better.

We Recommend:

Conga – Grey Hallway Carpet Runner

Brown Check Hallway Runner

Tetris – Brown Sisal Style Hallway Carpet Runner

Sisal Carpet Runner

While the pattern or colour of your carpet runner may reduce the visibility of shedding pet fur, and the material may make it easier to clean up mud or messes, you must remember to regularly and thoroughly clean your carpet runner to reduce any allergen effects for your guests and to reduce the chance of bacteria or mould ruining your carpet. Of course, the best advantage of a carpet runner is that if the worst happens and it becomes completely ruined, you can easily remove and replace the carpet runner at without having to break the bank! To help the longevity of your carpet, we recommend you use high quality cleaning products such as the Cybergold carpet cleaner and stain remover when cleaning up after your pets.

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