An introduction to wedding aisle carpet runners

Let’s face it: many of us would love to get hitched, but as for whether you will be tying the knot at any time soon? Well, only you can really answer that question. Maybe you are already with someone very special who has popped the question. Or, perhaps, you are among those feeling like that dream wedding day is far in the distance… sigh. Whatever your own situation here, you may have noticed that stocks wedding aisle carpet runners and wondered what exactly they are.

A brief history of runners for weddings

The use of runners at weddings can be traced back centuries. Back in a world a long, long time ago, when paved roads were very rare, people attending a wedding would typically leave an unappealing amount of dirt and mud in the wedding venue – dirt and mud that the bride could end up walking through and could inadvertently soil the part of her dress dragging behind her. Runners were, therefore, introduced for weddings to prevent the dress getting ruined like this.

However, as our roads have become much cleaner, the purpose of runners at weddings has become less practical and more cosmetic. These runners are commonly used these days to make wedding venues look more stylish and appropriate for the particular couple getting wed.

An impressive choice of carpet runners for a modern wedding

Go ahead and click on the banner labelled ‘WEDDING / EVENT RUNNERS’ near the top of the page. You will soon see just how varied the colours and designs in our stock of wedding aisle carpet runners really are. This puts many soon-to-be-wed couples in a good position to further visually spruce up the venue that is going to be captured in an abundance of imagery by the wedding photographer.

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