6 Interior Design Styles for Your Home

Are you looking for home design ideas? From art deco to traditional, there are lots of styles to choose from. However, it can be difficult to know how to make them work for you. To provide you with some inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of six of our favourite interior design styles. Could one of them be the perfect look for your home?


coastal interior design

Image by Wicker Paradise

An American coastal-style design can transport you to the beach, no matter where you are. This look is all about a bright and breezy space, with sea colours and wicker furniture. Finishing touches can include traditional ‘seaside’ paraphernalia, such as netting, sea-bleached wood, shells and starfish.

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Art Deco

art deco interior design

Image by Mirage floors

Art deco is all about old-school swagger and roaring twenties glamour – if you’ve seen The Great Gatsby film, you should know exactly what the look entails. Mood is everything, so pay careful attention to your lighting, which should include spot lights and torches to create a sultry glow. Furnishings and fittings should be in polished, dark and shiny materials, and should also reflect the strong geometric influence that the style is known for.

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traditional interior design

Image by Ceylon Tea Trails

If you love classic furniture and layouts, then ‘traditional’ is the look for you. Designs should be well-balanced, with furniture grouped in formal arrangements, in colours that complement each other. Traditional styles can be quite grand but also prioritise comfort, in place of hard lines and ‘edgy’ furniture.

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contemporary interior design

Image by outreachr.com

Technically, contemporary design depends on the specific time period. However, it is essentially the opposite of traditional design, with hallmarks including; strong lines, smooth forms and minimal clutter and accessories. Nothing is too fussy and colours are often muted greys, beiges and whites. The emphasis of the style is on slickness and cool, modern living, rather than cosiness.

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eclectic interior design

Image by Wonderlane

At the heart of eclectic design style is playfulness. Unlike traditional or contemporary designs, the look isn’t inhibited by rules or conventions. Anything can be mixed and matched, including colours, old and new, and the finishing result can be a real style statement. However, to do the look well, you still need to adhere to the fundamental principles of design.

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cottage interior design

Image by PoshSurfside.com

Do you prefer your décor to be friendly, laidback, welcoming and full of heart? The ‘cottage’ style embodies these values, with comfy, casual and even faded furnishings. In some ways, the look is similar to traditional, but without the grandeur.

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From the cosy cottage look to contemporary or art deco, there are lots of styles to choose from if you’re giving your home a makeover. Have any of these designs inspired you? Let us know in the comments.

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