6 Interior Design Ideas For Dark & Narrow Hallways

Narrow hallways can sometimes feel dark and dingy, and because of this, they can be neglected and not treated with the respect they deserve. 

You can transform your dark and narrow hallway into a space which feels open and airy and here at runrug.com, we have come up with some handy ways for you to make the change from dark and depressing to airy and stylish. 

Benefits of updating your hallway

  1. Lighten up:  by lightening up your hallway with both bright colours on the walls and mood lighting, you can create a more welcoming entrance for visitors.
  2. Storage space: often you can use your hallway no matter how big or small as a storage space for a cabinet or lamp. 
  3. Prospective buyers: if you are trying to sell your property or if you are a rental developer, it is important to have a bright and airy space to attract potential buyers or renters. 

6 ways to transform your dark and narrow hallway

Tidy up and clear out 

This may sound like a simple one, but often when we have limited space it can feel easy to stow away items in places which you don’t use – the hallway being one of the main spaces. By assessing your hallway furniture, you can decide whether the furniture is essential or if it’s just there because you haven’t got around to clearing it out (do you really need all of those old VHS tapes? – get rid of them and create a hallway which feels larger). 

Give the hallway a lick of paint 

Paint away the dismal look by adding a light or neutral colour to the walls and ceiling. This will instantly give the hallway the illusion of being bright and airy. 

Alternatively, if your hallway is very narrow, you can paint the wall at the end of the hall in a warm accent colour (provided it’s not too dark). Doing this will create the feel of a wider hallway, by making it appear visually shortened at one end of the room. Warm accent colours that could work include red, orange and yellow shades.

Add a striped hallway runner

We’re not just saying this, but adding a striped hallway runner will also give the illusion of an elongated hallway. The stripes of the design lead the eye along and down the design, thus creating the effect of a longer hallway. 

Browse through the range of striped hallway runners available here at runrug.com today for more design inspiration. 

“The stripes of the design lead the eye along and down the design, thus creating the effect of a longer hallway.”

Use accent lighting

Adding extra lighting fixtures can change the feel of a hallway area in an instant and make it feel more welcoming. For example, wall sconces create warm pools of light on walls and visually draw visitors into the space. 

Pendant lights along the length of a long and narrow hall also reduce the appearance of dark shadows in the area and similarly draw the eye into the rest of the home. A simple table lamp on a console table will also create a warm and comforting pool of light for visitors.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors add visual depth to a room, so consider placing one in your hallway to reflect the natural light and bounce the light against the narrow walls. A horizontally hung mirror will also add visual width to a narrow space. You can also tap into the current interior design trend of circular mirrors which are a great way to show off your taste for sophisticated design and are a way to completely change the space for a quick and easy win. 

Invest in a Carpet Runner

Add a hallway runner to your hallway and stairs to create a welcoming feel, visual interest and to give the illusion of a wider space. A horizontally striped or patterned design will create the optical illusion of width. Staircases are suited towards vertically striped runners as the designs draw the eye upwards and creates the feeling of more vertical space. Don’t believe us? Look for yourself and explore our stunning range of carpet runners for your small hallway.

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