Get the Glow: 5 Ways to Nail the Copper Home Decor Trend

copper home decor

Time to ‘copper feel’ of the most popular metallics decor trend ever to grace our homes. Copper home decor fills our rooms with a warm glow that you simply can’t beat, and its lengthy reign at the top of the metallics trend charts is a testament to its timeless aesthetic.

If you want to achieve optimum copper room decor greatness but need a solid starting point, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you the five quickest ways to incorporate copper home decor with minimal fuss and maximum cosy glow.

Let’s get started:

Copper Lighting

Versatile enough to create both traditional and industrial-chic aesthetics, copper lighting adds that instant copper warmth we all crave. The combination of copper metal and lightbulbs is the perfect recipe for getting the most out of this beautiful colour, as the rosy glow is reflected far and wide across the room. From contemporary geometric copper wire lampshades to the more traditional domed copper floor lamps, pendants and desk lamps, copper lighting is a fast and fabulous way to introduce instant copper room decor with maximum impact.

copper home decor copper lighting

Copper Wallpaper

Get the wall-to-wall copper look, quite literally, by introducing some copper-coloured wallpaper to your room. Ideal for creating a contemporary feature wall, copper wallpaper can be as subtle or as bold as you want it to be. This season we’re loving the huge array of wallpapers decorated with matte colours criss-crossed with copper foil geometric patterns. These designs add just enough of a copper element to add the warmth and glow you want, while not dominating or overwhelming the room. Try layering copper wall art or picture frames over the top for added depth and contrast in your copper home decor theme.

copper home decor copper wallpaperInstagram: World of Wallpaper

Copper Ornaments

Perhaps the fastest way to decorate with copper is through the addition of copper ornaments and accents. From copper plant pots and photo frames to opulent copper candlesticks and clocks, a collection of well-placed copper ornaments can create a strong decor theme all by themselves. You can sit your ornaments on end tables, coffee tables and fireplaces, or hang them from walls to spread the copper element evenly across a space and give the whole thing a subtle balance. You could also add copper textiles including metallic cushion covers and curtains to continue the theme across the entire room without it feeling ‘too much’.

copper home decor trend copper ornaments

Copper Kitchenware

Copper themes don’t have to be confined to living spaces; you can also create a strong copper home decor scheme in your kitchen with the right accessories. Copper kitchenware such as pans, jelly moulds and tins make beautiful display items even if you don’t use them for cooking. You can often collect vintage or second hand copper kitchenware items from boot sales and online auction sites, and you might even spot one or two items in the odd charity shop, so your decor doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Alternatively you can invest in new copper pans and pots that you can use for cooking, which you can then store on display hooks and shelving while they’re not in use. Either way, you’ll love the bold, vintage kitchen look that copper kitchenware can bring.

copper home decor copper pans

Matching Carpets to Your Copper Home Decor

Your flooring is an opportunity to add the final touch to your copper room decor, with everything from carpets and stair runners to rugs and hallway runners providing the perfect base layer for the copper tones to sit next to. But which colours work best with copper?

The three best colours to invest in for a copper home decor theme are grey shades, navy blue or rich brown colours. However, creams, pinks and other pale pastel neutrals can also work a treat. The deep, luxurious tones of charcoal grey and navy blue provide a dark contrast for the warmth of the copper to ‘pop out’ against, and these colour combinations are are highly popular with interior designers right now. And the rich tones of brown, whether it be light or dark, work naturally and harmoniously with the rusty tones of copper, making them perfect to sit side by side. Try adding extra copper elements with copper or bronze-coloured stair rods and finials to continue the theme all the way up the stairs.

copper home decor carpets match copper

Inspired? Whether you just want to add a touch of copper or if you want to create an entire copper home decor theme, these tips should help you nail it. Send us your copper decor pics and tips via our social media pages below; we want to see how you get on!

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