5 Stair Carpet Trends To Upgrade Your Stairway [with pictures]

Stairs are often one of the first things which guests see when they enter your home, and they are also one of the most overlooked features of your home when it comes to interior style. Here at runrug.com, we are masters at creating stairways which will make your guests envious, and we have compiled a list of the 5 stair carpet trends you should try to give your hallway an upgrade. 

1. Sophisticated Chic

Create a sophisticated and luxe entrance to your living space with a sleek black stair runner which can be pair perfectly with chrome stair rods. The contrast between the black and the silver can be elevated even further if the base of the stairs is painted a crisp white. Combining these elements is appealing to the eye for its simplicity, but the chrome stair rods add a feel of sophistication and charm to the look. Suited towards both contemporary and traditional aesthetics, you can be sure that this combination is a trend which will impress your guests and make you feel that extra little bit home proud. 

If you want to recreate this look then you should consider the following options. The stair runner needs to be black but can have patterns to add to the drama and elegance which is why we recommend this luxurious striped black runner, Grey Stair Runner or the Zebra bordered runner for those who want to add an extra dimension. 

When looking for stair rods to emulate this design, we recommend that you choose a plain chrome finished option as this will enhance the darkness of the runner and create a contrast which is powerful. 

2. Stripes, stripes, stripes

Never underestimate the power of stripes. They can help you elongate your hallway, and within the Rock N Roll range you can explore a wide selection of colours which pop. The vibrant and versatile designs are perfect for homes which have a contemporary aesthetic and if you find a colour scheme which works you can take your hallway to new heights. 

Striped stair runners are perfect for stairs which have heavy traffic, and they hide scuffs and wear and tear well. Within the striped range of stair runners, you will find a selection of designs which match well with polished nickel stair rods. As stripes are a bold design, you will want your stair rods to be fairly plain as they can often get lost within the striped design. 

3. Timeless and traditional

If you want to create a timeless look to your interior space which will last for years to come – we have you covered. Here at runrug.com, we have a wide selection of stair runners which are timeless, durable and will be able to withstand the domestic traffic in your home for years to come. 

If you are searching for a timeless runner, then it’s best to look for neutral colours such as beige, brown and cream. These colours match with most aesthetics and allow you to change the surroundings without having to change your stair runner every time that you decorate. 

With traditionally styled stair carpet runners, you have options when it comes to stair rods. Some people don’t like to upset the flow of carpet runners with rods, but if you want to add and embellish to the design, then we have a wide range for you to choose from. As the designs are plain most stair rods will match with the design so you can have free reign and explore the full range and pick a style which you like.   

4. Make a statement

Since the staircase is often the first thing you see when you enter a property, why not make it a stand out feature? There’s a range of stair carpet runners available here at runrug.com, which help you make a bold and bright statement. 

Many modern homes feature neutral colours as bases which allows you to make statements with colours and patterns. Whether you want to choose a bright contrasting colour to make your hallway pop or you decide on an eye-catching print for your staircase you want to make sure that you measure it correctly. You can consult runrug.com’s how to measure the stairs guide where we explain exactly how to measure the stairs. 

Some bold designs which we love include an animal print which incorporates wild designs and prints into stair runners which add a feel of luxury to your interior space. 

Another way to make a statement is by incorporating multi-coloured designs into your home. Here at runrug.com, we have a range of multi-coloured designs which have the added benefit of stripes to help you elongate your living space. 

5. Let the rods shine

One trend which will show off your taste for sophistication is having stair rods. It is a home fixture which shows flair, luxury and is a refined detail which once you have – you’ll never go back. 

Here at runrug.com, we have a wide range of stair rods for you to choose from including a flurry of styles such as contemporary blacksmith rods which are suited towards moodier aesthetics.

Vision rods are a great addition to your staircase no matter what style you have chosen for your interior space. The final end of the fixture is available in 3 shapes: sphere, piston and arrow so you can choose the end which you feel best matches your decor. Stair rods are a stylish upgrade to your home, which add a sense of refinement to your living space which is difficult to find in other fixtures.

Now that you have the top 5 carpet runner trends at your fingertips, you should explore the entire range of stair rods and stair runners available here at runrug.com to decide on which trend best suits you.  

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