4 interior design trends not to be missed this summer

You might think that it’s all a bit silly to be revamping your home just because we happen to have transferred from one season to the next – after all, this isn’t the catwalk! But actually, here at runrug.com, we’re all in favour to switching things up in your humble abode from time to time, and the following trends could give you great ideas as to how to do it.

Green, green, green…

It might seem the obvious thing to do to bring a load of new potted plants into your home to mirror the more verdant scenery now emerging outside your windows. But many interior designers have taken that idea further this year, using various green tonal shades to evoke nature in home decor, without necessarily needing to use anything that we’d more typically regard as ‘natural’.

Indulge your inner Monet

The catwalks have become inundated lately with designs that emphasise painterly brushstrokes in the manner of the Impressionists, so why not give your living room the ‘Monet makeover’? Use textile and surface printing to add some true artiness to your home, replete with watercolour motifs and colour bleeds.

Boldly go where no interior has gone before

You guessed it… some interior designs are even becoming themed around technology and space travel, and why wouldn’t they? Star Wars is back in the cinema soon, and many people just want the antidote to the stiflingly ‘traditional’ – hence the use of certain thin wire frame connections and woven materials.

Or go for the ‘tribal’ look

Some of us just can’t stop stepping onto a plane and jetting off to somewhere new and exotic, and this trend allows you to bring some of the influences of those far-flung climes back home. Be bold, be vibrant, be decadent… this dramatic, fun look could be just the thing to revive your home this summer.

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