8 of the Cutest Animals on Rugs

From parrots to pigs, we all love our pets, but there’s one thing we can guarantee – if you’ve just bought a new rug, your animal friend will simply see it as their latest ‘toy’.

Fortunately, our easy to clean rugs mean that even when they’ve covered your new purchase in hair (or, in some cases, feathers), you can still love them just as much.

Plus, knowing that you can quickly remove any dirt allows you to focus on what’s really important – how incredibly cute animals on rugs can be.

To prove our point (and because spending time on YouTube is fun) here are some adorable videos we’ve found.





 1. Golden Retriever Puppy vs. Rug

A puppy is always going to be a winner when it comes to cuteness. This little fella simply can’t believe his luck that his owner has brought home a rug that combines handy ‘chewable’ bits with rainbow colours. It’s just all too much.


2. Kitten vs. Kitten on Rug


These kittens have worked out an important function of rugs that humans have overlooked – they’re fortresses for play fighting in. Our money’s on the ginger one.


3. Cat Rug Thief

Does your rug keep mysteriously moving from room to room? It’s more likely to be a crafty feline than a poltergeist. This moggy has got his thieving technique down to a fine art, but little does he know, he’s been rumbled. Is it a game? Or, is he trying to convince his owners that they’ve gone mad? We’ll never know.


  4. The Pig on a Rug Dance

It’s a pig dancing on a rug – what could be better? Mini pig, Ellie Mae, is so excited by this addition to her living room that she simply has to get her groove on (with a quick pause for an essential bottom scratch).


 5. The Goat Rug Dance

It’s not just pigs who see rugs as a handy dance floor; goats are getting in on the act too. Don’t let this guy’s gangly legs and awkward gait deceive you – he has some serious moves.


6. Parrot Gets Even With Rug

Einstein the parrot seems to have some serious beef with this rug, and to be honest, it doesn’t look like the rug’s winning. Maybe she’s just throwing a diva strop – after all, with over 30,000 subscribers to her channel, she is somewhat of an internet sensation.


7. Pug on a Rug

In this video, Yoda the pug has got himself into a spot of bother – he’s stuck in a pair of Spanx. The scene of his dilemma? A rug. OK, so the rug isn’t directly involved, but it was too good not to include.


8. Hamster Eats Rug

This confused hamster seems to have a mistaken a rug for a carrot – or whatever it is that hamsters eat. Several minutes of trying to eat said rug sadly doesn’t seem to alert him to the fact that it is inedible.


With our easy to clean rugs, you can enjoy animal-on-rug cuteness, without having to worry about the dirt they’re leaving behind.


Which is your favourite video? Let us know in the comments.


Featured image by jimw


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