January 2023


How To: Lift Old Carpet

Sometimes, to pave the way for something new and beautiful; we have to roll our sleeves up and get stuck into the not-so-glamorous jobs. Removing your old carpet is sadly one of those tasks! Often overlooked, and not to be underestimated! Carpet removal is a relatively straightforward task that just about anybody can complete, plus when you remove the carpet yourself, you also get the opportunity to inspect floorboards before your new carpet goes in – to check no maintenance is required. Preparation work: First things first, before you start... Read More


Cost of installing a Stair Runner

A Stair Runner is much easier to install than you think! You just need the right tools, some free time and of course a Stair Runner. This blog will provide you with the tools required along with where to acquire them, it couldn’t get any easier. 5m Tape measure (Estimated £6) The size all depends on your preference, but we recommend one up to 5m long so then you are covered no matter what length your steps and staircase are. TEFCOL Retractable Tape Measure 5m 16Ft, Heavy Duty Nylon Coated... Read More