colour-of-the-year 12/12/2022

Give your home the colour of the year!

Tis the season to be…Blue? Dulux has officially released its colour of the year and that colour is ‘Bright Skies’. This is a captivating blend of light blue and a touch of grey to brighten any home. Though Christmas is just around the corner, don’t panic! You can still give your home the frosted look with plenty of time to spare. We offer a range of different runners that will go hand in hand with your wintery décor, and here are some of our top picks that we think can... Read More


3 Flooring Ideas For Your Hallway

Your hallway is the first thing your guests (and more importantly, you!) will see when entering your home. Like most of us, you will want to take this opportunity and turn it into something beautiful; showcasing your personality and ever-so-keen eye for interior styling – though it goes deeper than this! The ancient Chinese practice of Feng-shui which links our environment and the energy it provides insists that your hallway is the soul of the home. Whether you look at the energy (or Qi) that flows through a hallway, or... Read More

winter-warming-tips 23/11/2022

Winter Warming Tips

Summer has once again passed, and we’re excited for the breath of fresh (cold!) air that comes with the Autumn and Winter months. Though as we know, the novelty of cosying up can wear off quickly, having to battle cold floors and a cold home – not to mention the October energy price cap we’re having to deal with in the UK. Now, we’re faced with two paths… Do we maintain business as usual, paying higher than ordinary bills – or take steps to increase the energy efficiency of our... Read More

choosing-a-stair-runner 14/11/2022

Guide To Choosing A Carpet Runner For Stairs

So, you’ve chosen to change your tired, old carpet for a beautiful new stair runner… First of all, congratulations! We’re confident you’ve made the right choice. If you need a little reminder, here are some of the benefits: You may think that the hard work is over now that you’re past this hurdle, right? Unfortunately not! Now, you have all the fun of deciding which runner to go with ahead of you. Luckily, we’re here to guide you through the process. Before we get to the fun and games of... Read More

black-friday-22 04/11/2022

Gift Guide | Top Picks for Black Friday 2022

Black Friday has come back around again. Where did the time go?! It’s easy to get lost in the mounds of sales available at present; your inbox is full, social media feeds have been taken over, and you have about two hundred tabs open on your phone! The below guide is a direct route to view some of our favourite products in our Black Friday sale this year, saving you valuable shopping time! Electro Tweed Stair Runner: Whether you’re aiming for a rustic farmhouse feel or a modern, contemporary vibe,... Read More

autumn-22-trends 28/10/2022
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Trending Runners for Autumn 2022

The air is crisping up, nights are getting longer and the weather is getting colder, which can only mean one thing… Autumn is here! We’re huge fans of the changing of the seasons at Runrug, with the fresh feel that can be introduced with just a little sprinkling of ‘newness’. The transition into Autumn, in particular, might just be our favourite. We’re suddenly spending a lot more time inside our houses, which means it’s time to cosy the place up!  Introducing a runner to your home is a non-permanent, DIY-friendly,... Read More

how-to-fit-stair-rods 11/10/2022

How To Fit Stair Rods: A Step-By-Step Guide

Stair rods make the ultimate finishing touch to your newly-fitted stair runner. Elegant and timeless, they help instantly add a beautiful, classic look to your home and are incredibly easy to install and DIY-friendly. Here we’ll show you how to fit stair rods with our easy-to-follow photo tutorial, courtesy of our professional fitter. Already got your stair runner fitted and ready to go? If so, let’s get started: What You’ll Need: How To Fit Stair Rods: Step 1 – Cut your stair rods to the desired length Unless you ordered... Read More

6-reasons-you-need-a-runner 06/10/2022

6 Reasons You Need a Runner

Okay, we admit it. We are huge fans of hallway runners… You caught us! But we’re not selfish, we don’t want to keep the huge benefits of rug runners to ourselves, we want to share them with you! The below blog post is a short list of 6 reasons you need a runner in your life. They look fantastic First and foremost, runners simply look fantastic. With seemingly endless designs available, you can inject your very own personality into notoriously hard-to-decorate areas; your entrance hall and staircase. At Runrug, we... Read More

runner-rug-size-guide 04/10/2022

What size should a Runner Rug be? 

What size Runner Rug should I buy? Should a runner touch the wall? Do I leave a gap? How big of a gap should I leave? Where should I  place my runner? We often forget to ask ourselves these questions before we fall in love with the idea of introducing a runner rug to our home, which leaves us scrambling for the answers too late! The below post is a one-stop guide on ensuring you purchase the right size runner, for the perfect fit alongside your existing décor. Stair Runners... Read More

stair-runner-blog-graphic 28/09/2022
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Why choose a Stair Runner over carpet?

Why put a carpet runner on stairs?   The big question… Should I choose a Stair Runner over the traditional wall-to-wall carpet on my stairs? Whilst both have pros and cons, we’re primarily here to explain to you why choosing a runner is a fantastic idea that you won’t regret; allowing you to flaunt the natural beauty of your hardwood stairs, whilst maintaining that cosy, warm appeal of carpet.  Stair Runners are cost-effective  In today’s economic climate, it’s no secret that we’re all looking to hold onto every penny that we... Read More