get wax out of carpet 16/07/2018

How to Get Wax Out of a Carpet: 5 Easy Steps

There’s only one thing worse than spilling red wine on the carpet; spilling hot wax on it. Wax has an infuriating habit of immediately solidifying and latching itself on to whatever surface it lands on, and when that surface is a textile like carpet it seems damn near impossible to remove. But all is not lost. If that romantic candle has indeed betrayed you and covered your carpet in a stubborn waxy mess, there actually is a way to get rid of it. All you need is a few everyday... Read More

red-wine 16/06/2018

How to Get Red Wine Out of a Carpet: 5 Easy Tips

We’ve all experienced that horror moment you feel your foot connect with the glass of red wine on the floor. Hello red wine stain. This is every homeowner’s worst nightmare, particularly those with light-coloured carpets and an ingrained fear of stains. If this is you right now, take a deep breath. OK, now try these five easy home remedy tips on how to get red wine stains out of a carpet: 1. The Salt & Vinegar Trick Every household has salt and vinegar on standby in the cupboard, so reach... Read More

warrior-taupe-red 21/05/2018

Transform Your Hallway With A Carpet Runner

When you open your front door, what is the first thing you see? For most, it’s the hallway. Often neglected as ‘transitional spaces’ in the home, hallways and entryways do in fact have the potential to be beautiful, welcoming spaces – the true source of that unbeatable feeling of being home at last. All you need is a few decorative touches, and that’s where the hallway runner comes in. The Benefits of Hallway Runners We believe the simplest of hallway decoration ideas are often the most effective, and hallway runners... Read More

background-3084014_640 25/04/2018

5 Rules for Mixing Patterns in Your Home

Mixing patterns in your interior design plans is easier (and more acceptable) than you might think. It takes a small amount of bravery and a touch of imagination, but by following these few basic rules you’ll be mixing different patterns and prints like a total pro. How to Mix Patterns: The Rule of Three – As a general rule we would always suggest you limit the number of patterns you use in one room to three or less. Three patterns can work perfectly together in the right ratios, and a... Read More

Man rolling runner 11/04/2018

The Carpet Runners Runner: Zac Shaw To Compete in 2018 Commonwealth Games

It’s a proud week for the family this week, as our very own Zac Shaw prepares to compete for Team GB at this year’s Commonwealth Games. Zac is a para-athlete sprinter specialising in the 100 and 200 metre sprints, with his first event rapidly approaching on Thursday 12th April – yikes! Zac lives with a rare eye condition  called Stargardt’s Disease, which restricts his central vision to less than 10%, though leaving his peripheral vision largely unaffected. After being diagnosed with this condition at just 13 years old, Zac was... Read More

Man carrying Runner 09/04/2018

Runrug: Going To Any Lengths

This is We do things differently here. We’re a family-run carpet company that goes to any lengths (quite literally!) to help our customers get what they need. Top quality carpets and fantastic customer service runs in the family, with three generations of passionate Shaws keeping the carpets rolling since 1945. Now it’s our turn. Our team of four brothers is taking the Runrug concept to great lengths, making the experience of measuring, selecting, buying, and installing a new carpet runner or stair runner as easy and enjoyable as a... Read More

grey carpet 05/04/2018
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The Greatest Grey Areas: How To Decorate With Your Grey Carpet

Forget beige and cream; grey is the new neutral. The great news is that grey carpet and grey rugs go with just about anything, so it’s one of the most versatile and easy carpet colours to work with. So if you’ve moved into a new home and inherited grey carpets, or if you’re thinking of laying new grey carpet, you can create some truly fantastic colour schemes in both modern and traditional styles. So which colours work with grey colour schemes? We’ve got lots of ideas and tips to help... Read More

Multiple Rugs 06/03/2018

Around the World in 4 Traditional Rug Designs

A rug is not just a rug. A rug is a way to invite culture and colour into your home, much in the same way that introducing a classic piece of art or sculpture can. And, like art and sculpture, traditional rug designs have origins that reach back hundreds and thousands of years in history, not to mention thousands of miles across the world. We are truly spoiled with the sheer choice of rug patterns and designs available to us, and each design has a story and centuries of tradition... Read More

Stripes 19/02/2018
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On the Right Lines: How to Decorate With Stripes

It’s time to earn your stripes. This bold, modern decor trend can work wonders for your home if applied in the right way, and we’re here to help you stay on the right lines. Stripes can be elegant or wild, traditional or modern, bright or muted. They can be used anywhere and in any way, whether you choose striped carpets, rugs, walls, bedding, ornaments or wall art. And, so long as you abide by a few important rules, you’ll finish up with something truly special and far more interesting than... Read More